portraits from my blogroll

/bark bark bark

The next few posts are going to be little cartoons of the bloggers i read daily. i hope you enjoy them, and if you arent in this group check back you are all sure to be drawn and posted.

NOTICE!! click on blogger name to go to their site. for some reason the links dont always make a link color.....(revised 5/15)

the Hell Pig a.k.a. helly and "sweet shoat"

Aunty Belle with a glass of iced tea, and a portrait of her husband, uncle A, the poark rind magnate

Bogs a.k.a. "bogshond"...i know i dont have to tell ya'll what those collected heads said.....

infinitesimal a. k. a. chaos bloem, infi, and vanille loaded up with jewels and flowers so richly deserved

contessa VB of the ottoman empire rolled paper wielding skunktrix supreme corrector of misbehaving rotties!

ben seeking his higher self with lotus embrace and tools of creation

bird with recent heartache

flap and swoosh warping on with the little birdies

boyed up late writing erotica

fatty er, make that Empress fatty, world domination tour. fatty, I'd like to resign my position as secretary of the ministry of resources and be reassigned to minister of cartoon propaganda. sir.

gone native finally gets her bear

ardlair the dark scotty dog

freya. onrealistische witte hond met doods staar.

mister "Q" missing in action, international man of mystery and Freya's favorite (grrrrrrrr)

velvet acid tongue one part daffodil and one part cold fury. mix well. stand back.

forest light searching seeking and sparring. yes, "hell yes" you are a part of this group.

Lux the yellow tornado spinning out soft winds of chanel no. 5

the temp suffering like a saint