Haiku Monday: Peace

do not search for it
it's not a destination
its a decision


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MCW: Overrated Oscar wins

Well its that time of the year. Oscar time, which just reminds me of my deep hatred of hollywood and the status that actors enjoy in this country. I suppose in a once free country without a dictator (yet) lowly everyday people gotta serve somebody. Ticket sales for movies are just a small drop in the bucket. The big money is on the schwag that goes with it: the products, the perfumes, the clothes, the toys, the overseas sales, DVDs and QVC skin care lines. I just heard on GMA that the white dress drug addict and thief Lindsay Lohan wore to court is flying off the selves. Basically americans finance a class of people who live in a fantasy world who then turn into goodwill ambassadors and experts on foreign policy who lecture us endlessly on what ignorant intolerant jerks we are.

Lex Luther had it right: drop a bomb in the san andreas, break california off and send that bitch to sea.

Today, instead of doing the assignment I decided to treat you to some good art that rips the s**t out of celebrity culture. At least i chose subjects who have either won or been nominated for an Oscar. All art is from the big talent over at Gallery of the absurd. Just think of this as my oscar special. Enjoy, and happy MCW!

Love this: Tom Cruise: the last supper of the church of Scientology. But where is Xenu?

No this idiot never was nominated for and Oscar but I had to add this one ripping on celeb products.

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Haiku Monday: Fragrance

its a time machine
coconuts and salty skin
teenager in love

me concentrate on
readin' writin' rithmatic'?
cant! i smell yeast rolls.

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