i cant blog

i am making 120 of these for mr. she's birthday bash this saturday. and clean house for out of town guests. and weed. etc. etc. etc. *howl* see you later dogs!

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Mute Monday: Food and Drink

actual photo of mr. she dining at the Taddich Grill in San Francisco. click for large view.

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animal stack place holder


ZIP continued: favorite places

*edited 4 pm est. added art studio. image #2. no i havent worked all day i gotta upload my travel photos to google earth. priorities baby! grrherhaha

Alachua Florida. birthplace of SHE

Atlanta GA. my art studio. look for the paw print in the middle of the image.

Monte Alban, Oaxaca. site of mystical experience #1

Vero Beach Florida. where Coe-Ruh wrangled a giant tortoise

Edge of the Cohutta Wilderness. Chickory's neighborhood

Pamplona Spain. Rest stop on Mystical experience #2.

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