when K9 met Aunty

/bark bark bark

well i imagine some of ya'll may have imagined aunty belle in much the same way as i did, as a granny clampet type, loaded for bear and whippin' up vittles and moonshine. natcherly nothing is as it seems on the blogs with all this shapeshiftin' goin on. i didnt have a car so i tried to blow the whole thing off.

but 'ol aunty wudn't havin none of that and sent uncle out in the pickup to have a look see at me, determine if i was trustworthy. she tole him to let me ride in the bed, iff'in i had fleas an all. after uncle's recon, he decided to go on and let me ride up front and we had a grand ol time lookin at the sights. we entered through the auntebellum shed adorned with many a haid of stag exiled out of auntys sight.

natcherly i asked if ol uncle would give me one of them haids as freya would truly appreciate another trophy for her wall. "wail, shore ol pup, but choo gots to take one of these little 6 pointers!" in the end i knew it would be too tough to get on board the plane, they so weapon-like an' all.

we headed across the back forty and met up with all manner of aunty's creatures: her own black dawg, a lady duck, birds birds birds, lizards everywhere with bright red flaps under they chins; in and out they pulsed. then there was 'ol hee haw the burro, a fine fine animal with an onery but loveable personality. finally i spotted the grand dame herself on her poarch and sure enough she were barefooted jus' like i drew her all those months ago. i knew it. Oh but i was way off on some other imaginations! but she wouldnt allow no pictures or elaborate descriptions.

the lady welcomed me like i was one of her own family and set about making the meal we had long discussed in our blog conversations: the fried fishes, and instead of grits, she made creamed corn, a salad of southern heirloom 'maters which were of all colors including damn near black! she dressed them with balsamic vinigrette and light pepper. yum! for desert there was fresh berries with real whipped cream and some fresh fudgy rich brownies. there werent no poark rinds though and when i asked about them aunty and ol uncle jes laughed and laughed. and there was iced tea by the buckets. aunty taught me all about the simple syrup...how to cook up sugar and water in the microwave and make a syrup for iced tea so ya doan hafta stir so much. and she said "yore body know what to do with sugar it doan know nuthin bout no sweet and low chemicals and such" well, day-yamn! call me converted!

'course we talked about all ya'll, the nature of bloggin', who all we'd like ta meet, art, religion, great southern writers and living out in the country. all the fugitive agrarian stuff. yes lil' chiles, aunty is smart and funny and jes an all around delight. her home was like a library and i lifted a title or two from her shelves. one little book i am reading now is just a startling original view about a very difficult topic, and one i hope to share in a post once it is digested. all n' all, i can say i am 2 for 2 so far in my meet ups with bloggers in the real. both a pleasant surprise! i figure i gots about 17 more stops to make that'll take me all over this country and even up into the great white north. meybe even switzerland!

aunty! thank you for a wonderful day, a wonderful meal, the farmer's market trip and a spellbinding conversation. i am still shaking my haid over dem jackasses in the OT. howl! see you again soon (i hope) when i range south for a little ranch handing down off 'ol SR60.