mute monday: greatness

greatest photographer of odd people

*added monday a.m.: i adore diane arbus, but, the truth is, i wanted to post the homage to August Sander but the embed was disabled. if you love photography, you must go here its so perfect, it made me cry.



today at the studio

i spent the day just trying to figure out the catalog pages; i want to show the product but have a sense of play about it. im making a 5x5" square booklet/catalog to give out about the ornaments, and it needs to be an art piece in and of itself.

happy accident of the day!! i see a slick super shiny gift bag here in addition to the catalog page with room for type.

this shop-bag design looks like "valentino" to me: all the gacked out with gold..or no, wait. its a folded gift tag. this is actually nothing i would use its just post-work day photoshoppin fun.

just a straight shot with the saturation turned down. they are so bright they photograph really hot.

otters for moi and troll. happy playful otters. and nothing says christmas like an otter!

a set of 5" bugs slightly posterized

the evil holiday kitty of doom

the bug in pink; click to supersize

*#7 painting to come sometime next week*

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Mute Monday: mother earth


10 days of painting: day 6

here is number 6 out of 10 studio warm up paintings. its designy, not painterly. but i can't help it design is where my mind is now. when i can't think it's always about birds.

*little photochoppin' on the original*

a preview of the new business should clear up why. what i am developing is a line of christmas stuff, which includes ornaments like this bug, and one-sheet wrapping papers, boxes, gift tags and cards. i hope i will be ready for the international gift market in January 2009. i am having a mini-showroom opening this june with a few invited retailers to test market the line.

having been an illustrator that did mostly assigned work, meaning, other people's concepts, it is fun to create my own products. but then again, its not a sure thing as before (on the money front) and i never know whether or not others will like the stuff as much as i do. or like it enough to buy it. the ornaments are all hand made which means (relatively) expensive. however if they can sell as collectibles then i should be able to get some capital investment to manufacture...although more and more i am wondering how that would work.

i have settled on 8 out of 14 ornaments to start with. they are: the bug, a husky like dog, a flop earred hound-like dog, a cat, a mouse, an otter, a monkey, and a bear. i couldnt photograph the others it is too windy outside right now.

im a little scared. okay, a lot scared. i don't know if this will fly. by the time i take it live i will have invested almost a solid 9 months on the project. all my savings are in this. every chip i have has been pushed to the middle pile; betting everything on it.

last week i had a panic attack and started looking at craig's list for a job. im not qualified to do anything. im not joking. entrepreneurship is my only option. i recognize fear is what makes me look backwards; fear of failure, fear of loss, of ridicule, of disappointing others, of embarrassment, and all the usual interior threats. i have to press forward however it turns out. if theres one thing i really believe its that the best possible road to take is to think up your on gig and do it.

also mr. she announced to me a few weeks ago he would like to move to Chile, where he was born. so added to my day is 30 minutes of rosetta stone spanish class. which will come in quite handy whether we ever immigrate to south america or not. i love rosetta stone. its really really fun. and we are going to soon go to a spanish only policy in our household. won't that be fun?

obviously blogging is becoming a luxury of time i don't have. and, i think sparringk9 has about run it's course. im sure to reinvent myself again, but the next blog will be in service of the studio; an extension of the soon to finally be launched website. so that's my story for now. but there are still four more painting exercises to come.

* i will be at chickory for a while so no new paintings this week - no scanner in the woods*

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Mute Monday: March

*10 days of painting intermission*

10,000 islands in 2 minutes. march 2, 2008

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