10 days of painting: day 5

who has a right to sing the blues? how about son house! he was born in the mississippi delta, had 16 brothers and sisters, shot a man and went to prison, lived also in detriot, and died of cancer of the larynx. that is a bona-fide blues life. (to moi: did you know the white stripes song "death letter" is a son house cover?)

im heading south again friday to 10 thousand islands a gorgeous, wild and primordial place so number 6 wont get painted until next wednesday. im sure the trip will get me off this blues imagery phase im in.

thanks to everyone who gave themselves a "blues name" on the previous post. that was a lot of fun.

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10 days of painting: day 4

*note: my mute monday is posted here*

i hate hollywood so my oscar night tradition is to go see an old friend of mine, mr. luther "houserocker" johnson play. reminded me of this funny email i got. read it and let me know what YOUR blues name is.

by Lame Mango Washington
(attributed to Memphis Earlene Gray with help from Uncle Plunky, revisions by Little Blind Patti D. and Dr. Stevie Franklin)

1. Most Blues begin, "Woke up this morning."

2. "I got a good woman" is a bad way to begin the Blues, 'less you stick something nasty in the next line, like " I got a good woman, with the meanest face in town."

3. The Blues is simple. After you get the first line right, repeat it. Then find something that rhymes ... sort of: "Got a good woman - with the meanest face in town. Got teeth like Margaret Thatcher - and she weigh 500 pound."

4. The Blues are not about choice. You stuck in a ditch, you stuck in a ditch; ain't no way out.

5. Blues cars: Chevys and Cadillacs and broken-down trucks. Blues don't travel in Volvos, BMWs, or Sport Utility Vehicles. Most Blues transportation is a Greyhound bus or a southbound train. Jet aircraft an' state-sponsored motor pools ain't even in the running. Walkin' plays a major part in the blues lifestyle. So does fixin' to die.

6. Teenagers can't sing the Blues. They ain't fixin' to die yet. Adults sing the Blues. In Blues, " adulthood" means being old enough to get the electric chair if you shoot a man in Memphis.

7. Blues can take place in New York City but not in Hawaii or any place in Canada. Hard times in St. Paul or Tucson is just depression. Chicago, St. Louis, and Kansas City still the best places to have the Blues. You cannot have the blues in any place that don't get rain.

8. A man with male pattern baldness ain't the blues. A woman with male pattern baldness is. Breaking your leg cuz you skiing is not the blues. Breaking your leg cuz an alligator be chomping on it is.

9. You can't have no Blues in an office or a shopping mall. The lighting is wrong. Go outside to the parking lot or sit by the dumpster.

10. Good places for the Blues:

a. highway
b. jailhouse
c. empty bed
d. bottom of a whiskey glass

Bad places:

a. Ashrams
b. gallery openings
c. Ivy League institutions
d. golf courses

11. No one will believe it's the Blues if you wear a suit, 'less you happen to be an old ethnic person, and you slept in it.

12. Do you have the right to sing the Blues? Yes, if:

a. you're older than dirt
b. you're blind
c. you shot a man in Memphis
d. you can't be satisfied

No, if:

a. you have all your teeth
b. you were once blind but now can see
c. the man in Memphis lived.
d. you have a retirement plan or trust fund.

13. Blues is not a matter of color. It's a matter of bad luck. Tiger Woods cannot sing the blues. Gary Coleman could. Ugly white people also got a leg up on the blues.

14. If you ask for water and Baby give you gasoline, it's the Blues.

Other acceptable Blues beverages are:

a. wine
b. whiskey or bourbon
c. muddy water
d. black coffee

The following are NOT Blues beverages:

a. mixed drinks
b. kosher wine
c. Snapple
d. sparkling water

15. If it occurs in a cheap motel or a shotgun shack, it's a Blues death. Stabbed in the back by a jealous lover is another Blues way to die. So is the electric chair, substance abuse, and dying lonely on a broken down cot. You can't have a Blues death if you die during a tennis match or getting liposuction.

16. Some Blues names for women:

a. Sadie
b. Big Mama
c. Bessie
d. Fat River Dumpling

17. Some Blues names for men:

a. Joe
b. Willie
c. Little Willie
d. Big Willie

18. Persons with names like Sierra, Sequoia, Auburn, and Rainbow can't sing the Blues no matter how many men they shoot in Memphis.

19. Make your own Blues name (starter kit):

a. name of physical infirmity (Blind, Cripple, Lame, etc.)
b. first name (see above) plus name of fruit (Lemon, Lime, Kiwi,etc.)
c. last name of President (Jefferson, Johnson, Fillmore, etc.)

For example, Blind Lime Jefferson, or Cripple Kiwi Fillmore, etc.

(Well, maybe not "Kiwi.")

20. I don't care how tragic your life: you own a computer, you cannot sing the blues. You best destroy it. Fire, a spilled bottle of Mad Dog, or get out a shotgun. I don't care.

my blues name is: "neck broke she-dog" what's yours???

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10 days of painting: day 3

added friday: it's a bad neck day so no new painting until monday

trout, red and dovey spend a day at the museum. see "day 1" for an explanation of this blog project.

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10 days of painting: day 2

a little ditty today referring back to Mute Monday this week. looks like somebodies didn't like that post. grrrrrherhahahaha

please visit "day 1" for a full explanation of this blog project. and

buy ammo! grrrrrherhahaha

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10 days of paintings : day 1

i've been working on one project for months and will for at least another year. the tasks involved are very concrete and defined. even though i am painting and creating art, its not free as it was when i was just painting "art art", or even doing illustration.

so as an exercise to loosen myself up and to prevent stiffness; and to counteract the required daily precision, im going to start each work day with a free form painting like the one above. each painting will be freely painted without drawing first, or planning at all, and without being overly critical and without censorship....like correcting ragged lines or making color fields absolute.

each one is a 7x10" painting with gouache. *gwash* my goal is to upload one each day for ten consecutive days. of course letting my sub-conscious drive means i found myself inside a psychedelic bird jungle today. grrrherhahaha! see you tomorrow.

oh yeah. click it. see? it's real big. you can print it if you are so inclined and by the end of this blog project you'll have a book of 10 by she. yee ha!!

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Mute Monday: diversity

*no good deed goes unpunished* grrrrrherherherhahahaha


“If Rome had not engulfed so many men of alien blood in so brief a time, if she had pressed all those newcomers to her schools instead of her slums, if she’d occasionally closed her gates to let assimilation catch up to infiltration, she might have gained new racial and literary vitality from the infusion, and might indeed have remained a Roman Rome” - historian Will Durant


friday bridgemix: Obama, Mo and the flea market

the annual valentine's ball is this saturday night. its black tie optional. in the past i have purchased a cheap dress and doctored it up to be an art piece. last year i found a green dress and painted a human heart on the bodice with blood running down to the floor, accented with red sequins. (Frida, feed me!) on the back i painted a spine and kidneys. i think i'm going to try to sell that dress and the fall "princess party" dress i made of leaves on Ebay. i need money to offset the coming shakedown (more on that below)

this year, i think i am going to stretch some red netting over the fine vintage hat i found and am modeling in the photo above, pair it with my charcoal gray tux with swallow tails and a red silk blouse (if i can find one, or maybe just a red bra i can glue gun a bunch of sparkly crap to.) im not in a dress mood. any suggestions?

i did place all the"psychofauna" (hat tip to the PhoKid for giving these creaturas a better name) around town. i have not checked back on them to see if they were acquired. i left about half of them at the dog park, and the others in various places i happened to have been. one of the designers i work with found one embedded in the chain link around their parking lot..she knew it was mine, and she's keeping it. my friend the artist in blue ridge sent me some alpaca fur and i bought an entire pheasant pelt on ebay to trick them out. i am working on another batch to sell on etsy; and one very special one for my blog reader contest....i think maybe a psychofauna haiku writing contest? doan know. (there's yore daily dose of aunty speak chillen)

do you like the store "anthropologie"? yeah, so do i. hate the prices though. what is its appeal? slightly vintagey and offbeat/beatnikesque style? i go there and identify the things i like and then i go to the flea market or junk shoppe and look for the same kind of thing i liked...at a far better price. i found this daisy choker and i love it. it covers the two bride of frankenstein gashes on my neck and it looks great with my favorite slightly militaristic olive green straight jacket with blood red satin inside it. i call that juxtaposin'. grrrrrrherhahahahaha

i also found these candle sconces that i plan to use horizontally tip to tip as a decorative accent in my bedroom. i just blew up some of my bird photos really large and am framing them for the bedroom make over. i have my own room. we call that the "virgin room". all the action happens in mr. she's room which is a true boys room. where snoring and clothes on the floor are no longer an issue in our 15 year marriage which we celebrated LAST NIGHT! what did i give mr. she? i finally filled out a legal zoom last will and testament. he's been doggin' me for about a year on this one. i hope he wont be mad when he finds out i left it all to my great nieces! grrrrherhahaha (just kiddin' honey...that's only if we die at the same time)

anniversary dinner: grilled gulf shrimp (USA only!) on a white balsamic green salad with shaved parmasean and pears and devil's food cupcakes with pink cherry frosting. mr she had a lot of tattinger and fell asleep before i could love up on him. grrrrherhahaha. thats married life!

of all the funny political posters i've seen i like this one the best. but now, im sort of worried Obama will get the nomination. obama for change! obama for the future! vote for obama cause he's for change! and the future! yes we can! yes we can! yes we can what?

yes. what has obama actually done besides be a fresh empty suit that people can project their desires upon? a symbol by which people can demonstrate they aren't racists? who is barak hussien obama?

it turns out Obama actually has done something! introduced senate bill 2433. a.k.a. "obama's global tax bill", but Obama calls it the Global Poverty Act. sounds like a good compassionate thing to do! what's your problem, dog! my PROBLEM is it makes U.S. foreign aid spending subservient to the dictates of the United Nations! my problem is the legislation would commit the U.S. to spending 0.7 percent of gross national product on foreign aid, which amounts to a phenomenal 13-year total of $845 billion over and above what the U.S. already spends.

im sure many of you saw this viral photo from the Obama campaign down in Texas right? just in case you missed it:

Obama's not responsible for what his campaign workers do! maybe not. but it says much about the ideology of the people who want him to LEAD us;lead us into socialism. the National Journal ranked Obama as the MOST liberal senator of 2007. Hillary Clinton came in at 16. wow.

there's more, but im saving it for the giant treasury of Obama tidbits post to come.

you may or may not be aware that in Denmark there is an enormous amount of stress and violence between the danish people and their immigrant islamic brethren. the recent flare up is a result of the arrest of 3 who plotted to MURDER the guy who drew the mohammed with a bomb in his turban:

cartoonist tom toles had one of my favorite responses to this situation of insanity where free expression is losing out to murderously intolerant and pathetically insecure islamists (hat tip to blogger "wuff")

Islamic leaders which the poor duped-into-diversity-danish elected, (as a show of tolerance), have remarked that the danes are now the "minority" in denmark and that it will be an islamic nation. on top of that, they demanded an apology to all muslim people in denmark for the cartoons. i found a copy of that apology here it is:

Den Officielle Undskyldning!
Fra Danmark til hele den Muslimske verden,kaldet "Undskyld!"

Undskyld vi gav dig læ da krig drev dig fra dit hjemland....
Undskyld vi tog dig ind da andre afviste dig....
Undskyld vi gav dig mulighed for at få en god uddandelse.....
Undskyld vi gav dig mad og drikke samt et hjem da du intet havde....
Undskyld vi lod dig og din familie gen-forenes da jeres hjemland ikke længre var sikkert...
Undskyld vi aldrig tvang dig til at arbejde imens VI betalte alle dine regninger...
Undskyld vi gav dig næsten GRATIS Husleje,telefon,internet,bil og skole til dine 10 børn...
Undskyld vi byggede Moskeer så du kunne praktisere din religion i vores kristne land...
Undskyld vi aldrig tvang dig til at lære vort sprog selv efter 30 års ophold!....

Så kort og godt....fra alle Danskere til hele den Muslimske verden,vil vi bare sige;

how about a translation?

The Official Apology
From Denmark to the Muslim World,simply called "We´re Sorry!

We´re sorry we gave you shelter when war drove you from your home country....
We´re sorry we took you in when others rejected you.....
We´re sorry we gave you the opportunity to get a good education.....
We´re sorry we gave you food and a home when you had non.....
We´re sorry we let you re-unite with your family when your homeland was no longer safe...
We´re sorry we never forced you to work while WE paid all your bills.....
We´re sorry we gave you almost FREE rent,phone,internet,car and school for your 10 kids...
We´re sorry we build you Mosques so you could worship your religion in our Christian land...
We´re sorry we never forced you to learn our language after staying 30 years!....

And so....from all Danes to the entire Muslim world,we just wanna say;


grrrrrrrrrherhahahahaha. have a great weekend. and buy Danish whenever you can. support the Danes whenever you can. they are our canaries if ya know what i mean.

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mute monday: valentine edition

*she's original valentines*

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i am disgusted. by elitist globalist bastards from hell, the republicants, the demoncrats, the media, my super sweet sixteen, evangelicals, cats, ignorant north americans, sanctuary cities, hollywood, hillary, mccain, class envy, television talking heads, work trucks with 50 poorly secured ladders on top of them, joran the sociopath, dhimmis, the ACLU, crybabies, La Raza, santa claus's "economy stimulus welfare checks", dogs on chains, flip flops in winter, Juan “Mexico First/Free Flow” Hernandez, taxation without representation....

aw the hell with it. im going to the beach.



my top 2 super bowl ads


mute monday: pinnacle