I Saw a Funeral on TV

/Grrrooowlf! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Grrrrrrrrrru ru ru rufffffff! Howl! Stare!
/Low long deep grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

The Lady lay in the place of pray
and the playas lined up to hear themselves say
this fine fine lady of a fine fine man
representin' a struggle throughout the land
Give yourself a hand
deadly Tedly
You milked it, bilked it
and it reminded me

of yo icon brothers, the dead kennedys

the original wire tap smarts
they did that deed to break her heart!

Yeah, show her man out with a tart
Try to distract
from the fact
he was smart!

(and a problem in the 60's for the demmi *freedom* lovers)
Now you wanna talk about "privacy" brothers?

(In Blogland pointing out hypocrisies is a
game like tic tac toe, no one wins dontcha know?
Faith in the parties is not for me
I prefer a Randian philosophy
the Will to prevail individually
I bet the good Dr. and Lady would agree
Look hard at his words, I bet you'll see!)


You neva hear Jesus come outta their mouth
unless they swearing or
a dead nigga lay in the house

of God

And then bible thumping sho' ain't funny
now with Christians they acting all chummy
Hallelujah! Amen! Abel and Cain!
Can we drum up some funds for our campaign?
With righteous talk about the poverty shame?

(and they gonna fix it! just like they always have)

Never mind about the king family pain
Today is the day to loudly proclaim
That you give praise and glory to His Holy name!
Tell it to the TV
That's all its meant to be.

Most days on freaks of Jesus it's open season
Ha Ha: "the sheep-people votin' without reason"
The ones reading bibles and firing off guns
We gotta stop those thumpers somehow sons!

But its okay when you play the demmi way
your face in this place,
All show. You blow!
Acting sincere and compassionate tho'.
At this you excel and the skill still grow!

Sharpton STFU you pomaded pouff of pomposity
You made a career out of vanity
Using her last rights to sing about black woes
Bra! what about lyrics "bitches and ho's?
But then you couldnt hang with Luda and Fifty, could ya
you'd trade a being preacher for a G. rapper wouldnt ya?

Wait! Look!

Here comes Clinton the first black president!
Who spent
No cent or
effort to prevent

in Rwanda

instead just *acting* all fonda


But in fact, he was slack.
Talking a good game, its so lame
(But he still feel your pain!)

All talk and no do
that is your party's eternal coup!
Demoncratic "Leadership"
Id love to stick a stake in the heart of you!

(Now accuse me of hate thought and have
John Edwards sue.)


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