Faith No More

in the dirty lying treasonous bastards from hell who chose to vote for cloture today bringing this nation-destroying bill one step closer to law. The amnesty bill, if passed, is TREASON. There are few, very few, actions granted to the US government by the constitution. one of them is to protect the citizens from foreign invasion. They won't even enforce the current laws, and when border agents try to, US 'justice' imprisons them, and then allows the alien criminal they attempted to stop sue the american taxpayers to the tune of 10 million dollars.

this is some shady-ass legislation. what's the rush? why the secrecy? I can't tell a nickels's worth of difference between the parties. a nest of backstabbers, the lot of them. there is a little tiny ray of hope that the House, all of whom are up for re-election, will reject this bill. But this treachery has effectively killed off the conservative base and might result in a full blown demoncratic government in'08.

W, when you are finished blowing Vincente Fox and Deadly Tedly Kennedy drop by the yard for a steaming hot brown sandwich. Traitor!

*****NOTE: even though the bill was killed (for now) the title of TRAITOR stands. She@3:13 thursday 6/28

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florida scrapbook (good-bye)

a live oak

giant lily pads

how all of florida used to look

the children of the rookery

broken shell

the high pressure ocean pre-"barry", the tropical storm

the day after "barry", the ocean like a lake

looking through silver palms


thursday night, 7:45

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doin' red's MEME

here are 10 things non important "things" about me *tagged by the red mantissa the little doe of the great white north*

#1 almost every photograph i post on sparringK9 and chickory and K9P are juiced up first. either the color has been sweetened up, or cropped and resized or something. for example, the photo above was taken when mayden and i went to sebastian inlet and found a rookery of juvenile pelicans. its not a great photo, but i liked the difficult composition so i threw a warming filter on it, sharpened it and jacked up the contrast. i like it a little better now.

#2 i think tommy lee jones is hot. i also like robert duvall as Captain "i love the smell of napalm in the morning" Kilgore and young, pre-face-lift burt reynolds.

#3 i hate matt damon as much as you can hate someone you dont know. i saw the talented mr. ripley and it so disturbed me that i hold matt damon personally responsible for bringing to me an unwanted anxiety attack. plus, why is he even a movie star? I can go to a construction site anywhere USA and find five finer men in fifteen minutes. i also hate george clooney and feel that it would be very satisfying to punch the smirk right off his metrosexual face. grrrr!

#4 i hate brussels sprouts. what are brussels sprouts? they are super intense mini-cabbages. see what i mean?

#5 "mr. she" hates that i start so many sentences with "i hate". as i explained to xdell in a comment on his post about deadly tedly kennedy, "hate" is a southern slang short-cut for "annoys the hell out of me" or a super-sized "i don't like". please dont recommend sensitivity training for me.

#6 i keep trying to make this pelican photo look like something i want to paint. i'm still not there but the background has potential.

#7 i really like cars. its the only material thing that truly matters to me. its because cars represent freedom and escape, and its always an uplifting experience to escape in a sparkling clean beauty of machine.

#8 i hate the sound of jet skis and ATV's and think they have ruined the experience of being in the wilderness. sound pollution is my #1 irritant.

#9 sometimes red meat is the only hope i have for ending a bad headache.

#10 i hate doing meme tags and refuse to tag another blogger. but don't take that personally Red. i did it for you grrrrrrrrrrrl. who can refuse the request of a doe?

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home alone

with a Nikon CoolPix, HDTV, and photoshop.

Mayden left and i turned my attention to She-Daddy's new HDTV. like a baby sea turtle on a desperate mission homeward, i headed immediately to the Discovery HiDef theatre channel. With a glass of dry bubbly in hand, i settled into "winged migration" the most insanely beautiful TV i have ever seen. 120 minutes of birds flying all over the world. half the time i couldn't tell if it was real or a bunch of industrial light and magic. either way it proved to be a treasure trove of imagery to crib and reconfigure into compositions i can use for the juicy 40x40 inch canvases waiting for me in the ATL studio.

it's tricky shooting the TV cause there's going to be a broadcast moire about every 3 seconds or so. still, the images can be overlayed or combined with my own photography from the beach to create a satisfying composition.

sometimes just a straight shot cropped and tweaked in the hue/saturation filter is enough to create a decent starting place for a canvas. this is an image i can see painted in sheer layers with a ton of build-up and glassy finish. i like the blurred areas and have been thinking all night about how to get that look in paint. and thank God! because for about 3 solid days my mind has played steely dan's "razor boy" 24/7.

nice potential painting, 'cept varnished black paint gets mirror-like and that's BAD.

the rain has finally arrived and it looks like time to head to the beach for the change in atmosphere. but tonight i will return to creative endeavors and grilled salmons on the QV salad, and maybe a pina colada in honor of:

drive safely grrrrrrrrrrl.

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