I Love the Smell of Napalm in Hollywood

/bark bark bark

Dont'cha just love it when a bunch of pamp'ed stars
Start weeping on TV and playing guitars?
Wailing and caring, oh caring so deep
Monitoring phone lines they getting off cheap

"Bush broke the levee and brought the tsunami!"
Selling the lie life's a tit from yo' mommy
To show pretty faces they'll ask for your dollars
Though millions they've got they'd rather give hollers!

Compassion! compassion! say many of they
But when it comes to "material" these fuckers don't play

Not to say that they all be this way
Oprah and Bullock done give it away
But some could do much with a flick of some pens
Change a life by giving up just ONE of the benz,

Barbara S, you poser, are you kidding me?
You got the biggest head in history
Your cheapness and imperiousness are legend they say
Your day workers sued to get paid for the day

Sean Penn. Dear God, you the ugliest man that's ever been!
Showing for show in NOLA was truly a sin, but then again
it was funny to see you so impotent
and broke down in the rescue boat you rent.

Bra you aint the same thing as you play in the show
Hollywood's dying cause the people now know
What a bunch big talkers and wanna be loveds
Currying favor by trashin' the Govs.

You all against guns 'less they for your bodyguards?
Because behind big walls you safe in yo' yards
With pools full o' fools and trays lined with blow
Stop runnin' this game, you think we don't know?

Kanye is Christ? And Jessica Parker?
You think I'm a dog? That girl's a real barker!
Talking 'bout how her broke ass family
is caused by the American calamity?
Give up a Blanik or two you horse-faced punk!
That lie you been telling is a hunk of junk.
Take care of your own girl, and stop with the crying
Cause all of us watching see you is SO lyin'.

I got's to go now to make my livin'
Don't expect to me something be given
But there's one Hollywood thing I truly do love
"Celebrity Cellulite" on the Enquirer cov.


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Who the hell is Ad Hominem?

/bark bark bark

For Vanille and BlogBen. BizBen needs no further explanation.

Looks like I got back just in time to prevent CSP from writng checks I have no intention of cashing.

It was the emotional exhibitionism of WCH that fueled the angry first post. My response is not all that different from what Mr Q is saying in his used car salesman post about Bono. I call it compassion fashion. I found the tone of his writing to be condescending and narcissistic and those irritants were compounded by too many words. Same words over and over. You know why I lIke BogsBlog? He's economical. Get in, make your point, and get out.

These are legitimate points. I think fair play means I say what I want and fair play is also that you can disagree, clean my clock, ditto or ignore me altogether. Just because I didn't roll over and decorate my belly with the warm golden pillar does not mean I have not made an attempt to be a gentleman, acknowledge my rotten behavior and move on.

I said in his yard I was sorry, and I gave him props for being my Dr. Frankenstein, the creator of this creature in a manner of speaking. I say straight up, first post, this blog was created for WCH. And yesterday, through Cheney's sock puppet post, I have given him the ultimate praise. I think these things are BETTER than apologies.

This blog is called SPARRING K9 not "Channelling Alan Alda" so I refuse to go touchy feely on this. WCH ought to write me a thank you note for creating a situation where a bunch of alpha chicks wade in and start swinging in his defense! Talk about a bounty of good fortune!

You know, I was cool until I really starting thinking about his offer, you know his post called barkbarkbark? The offer was to do a blog together; a point counter-point bit. As I read on, that mad dog feeling came all over me again. Why? Because before I even knew what I was in, this guy had it titled, with my own barks no less, packaged and had laid out a list of rules for me to follow before you could say Jim Dandy. There is something of a liberal mind set to WCH's "containment" approach.
Bogs got it right. I won't be tethered to another's leash.

A conservative dog, like myself says no thanks I'll take my chances, and if it doesn't fly than that is MY failure. And if it does fly it is MY success. Maybe I don't want to talk about what WCH does. Maybe I have my own game plan. Maybe Im not a nice doggie. Maybe I am, like many things, both beautiful and horrifying.

And if the price I have to pay for not making ANOTHER apology is to be not read, then so be it. That is the free market system. If the market does not support my product then this blog will die as well it should. This is a capitalist canine mini manifesto. No further apologies will be made.



Are You For Eighty-Six?

/bark bark bark

straighten up chile who's in da house?
the lefty rev with da clever mouth
yea you is right
repro's not my bag
my big concern is girlies on the rag
wait! don't hate or prosthelytize. get wise. try this truth on for size
the 'tution dont promise no little pill
no backspace clean up for your funky thrill
its natures call. thats all.
we got bigger fish to fry ya'll

a guarantee of liberty
does not include insanity
you aint seen pain til you know in your head
you made it be so that your babies is dead
use your head get out the bed and shed
the chains of "we so bad"
we's the children
did want to have
dont take it out on the One most high
its the brothers on earth that be spreadin' the lie

the ones most likely to agree with you
get sucked up in tubes or flushed down the loo
you make me stronger cause theres less of you
its the roe effect
that keeps you lefties in check

trust me brother it is the greater good
more respectful of ladies in the hood
natures order made us men
the nanny state got us sucking thumbs again

when sin is a virtue and virtue a joke
the whole damn ball go up in smoke


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