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feed me frida

frida catch me
it seems i've fallen
lay me beside your broken column
be my sister
be my guide
my patron saint when bones collide
send me a blackbird
she'll soothe my frown
and i shall stare the curious down

frida watch me
i'll weather this storm
surgeons and pins remaking my form
our sky's grown dark
the earth it's cracked
let beauty and grace keep us intact

frida see me
im the little deer
however severe
i'll be of good cheer
be my sister
be my guide

take me where fearless painters reside
lets soar above
that broken limb
and paint our way out of the trouble we're in

frida watch me
i'll heal in the forest
let there be fusion wherever its porous
the lighting cracked
the river it rages
let beauty and grace flow onto our pages

frida feed me
just like your nurse
the love embrace
of the universe
be my sister
be my guide
we'll trust that abundance will always provide

lets sip the nectar
from our creative protector
and we'll dismiss that sorrowful spectre

frida hold me
I'm sleepy now
that's all the writing these meds will allow
it's raining tonight
i hear it falling
let beauty and grace be our highest calling

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Mute Monday: extreme (green)

a scan of andromeda and dillweed

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black dove

i found a dove dead laying in a wet patch of mosses. i splayed her wings and took several photographs...i originally posted her
at chickory's old blog "gone native". i've photochopped this image to replicate the look of a japanese print and to place hold while i take a blog break.

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