Haiku Monday: Walk

Gemini walker
umbilical tethered; Faith
in God and science



Steffan Dan / Glass Artist

Resin in glass from Steffan Dan.


Jeff Deboer: a treat for LX

click to enlarge

samurai siamese

Jeff de Boer is a Calgary-based multi-media artist with an international reputation for producing some of the world's most original and well-crafted works of art. With an emphasis on metal, he is best known for such bodies of work as suits of armour for cats and mice, armour ties and sword-handled briefcases, rocket lamps and pop culture ray guns, and exquisite high art, abstract works called exoforms.

tournament mouse
Tournament Cat
Gladiator Cat Helmet
More here: http://jeffdeboer.com/

The Absurdity Party


MCW: TV to Film

This game is to riff on Joanna Cake's given theme. Youre supposed to find a clip and tell about why you chose it.

For the TV-to Movie challenge, I chose the X-Files. It is a beautiful movie, although very dark. I really like how ideas are illustrated, for instance bees as the delivery system for the transmorgification of humans to alien food; to be warehoused in the north pole in hive like slots. Love the scene where the kid falls in the hole, and the alien schizz infects him and you see the eyes fill black; love how "they" take their minion scientist and seal him underground with the alien, which is very instructional (never work with the bad guys hoping to escape their wrath; i.e. "night of the long knives")

I especially appreciate how it illustrates the black hearted sociopaths that always seem to rise to power. But the best is this; which remarkably foretells the 9-11 scenario. Show date: March, 2001. Bonus points for coming in under 2.

I've always loved the "alien colonization" concept, but this movie sort of marries that idea with the most basic conspiracy theory that powerful people get together and plot out schemes that insure their hegemony. That's not science fiction. Happy MCW!