wish you were here

i am pleased to report i have now added three to my list of bloggers i've met in the real, and what a treat it was. Our summit included the mayden (natch), kate, aunty belle (not pictured), yours truly appearing here as "chickory", and pete bogs. we sat out at julies waterfront, a watering hole known mostly to locals, had a few beers, some wings n things and a lot of laughs.

it's interesting that every blogger i have met is essentially the same in the flesh and blood world as they are on screen. just as in the real, you wouldn't likely interact with bloggers that you didn't actually like and respect, so meeting them has been for me always a good experience.

Pete was a great sport to endure our estrogen fest; being surrounded by 3 blondes and a bronze *howl* i liked pete just as i knew i would, and kept having the overwhelming desire to lick his perfectly smooth head. Mayden was as effervescent as the bottle of champagne we drank last night. And a gorgeous little thing too. K9's blog muse has become a bona fide friend. In fact, she is here with me this moment in a panera bread shop. she was NOT going to put up with the slow internet at the house and has introduced me to the wonderful world of free WiFi access.

we hung out at the beach yesterday where we worked hard to pick up rush limbaugh with the crappy little radio i had, moving the antennae in every conceivable direction until we at last found the fragile sweet spot. Ever the watchful dog, i made sure she re-applied her sunscreen religiously, and can report today she has a sweet pink glow to her cheeks and a little bit o' color to her gams.

Kate the blogger is a complete delight. I have not read her blog for long, but i liked her right away, she was playful, good-lookin', funny and a person you felt like you had known for the longest time. PW would have loved her dress..kind of a fishnet see-through thing in a very tasteful elegant way.

I got to see aunty belle again and love her even more than ever. she's a beautiful woman, in every sense of the word, and i was glad to have another "elder-blogger" with me since all the others are just lil pups. Both aunty and kate were heading off to europe the next day, kate for vacation and aunty for work. i'm pretty sure now that aunty is a professional writer, as is bogs, so they seemed to get on well and have a conversation all their own.

Thank you all for coming. it was really really good to see you.

When i am not entertaining fair maydens, i am looking for things to photograph that would translate well into paintings, like these koi i photographed in Saint Augustine. i like how the reflection makes them look to be swimming in the trees. I also shot a few frames of seagrapes that i thought could be abstracted into solid compositions. i have (so far) 141 photos of clouds to add to my reference bank for paintings. i miss my studio and can't wait to get back and get to work. but i've got another 10 days to go.

the rest of the photos are just gratuitous florida shots.

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gone to gator country

homeward bound, sacred ground.
heading to FLA tomorrow.

There's going to be a blog "summit" in Orlando next sunday with Pete Bogs, Aunty Belle, Kate, Mayden, and yours truly. and hopefully the mysterious Q. I am really looking forward to it.

then, the mayden is heading to the IRC with 'ol K9. *grrrherhaha* good thing i turned out to be "she" or mr. mayden would be having a bird. Im hoping we can take time out from sport fishin' and marine flirtin' to do a tandem blog "on location" illustrated with photos, natch.

in the meantime a rerun:

it were mostly good

The skies, blueberry surprise
the osprey rise
the snake, the zebus the ranch hand drinks
the trucks big lifted and the
tourists' pinks
working for fishes and
searchin the ditches.........


visual bridgemix

petri-dish gardens from pruned one of my favorite blogs. its about landscape architecture, but it offers some of the coolest eye candy on the net.

an item listed on Ebay. a chicken bone in the shape of a crucifixion photographed on a trash bag. i call it the "crucificken". an amazing art photograph by accident.

Lately i've been seeing a ton of "donks" on the street. Mostly late 70's rides like impalas and cutlasses on big rims with flashy paint-jobs. seems like a lot of the paint jobs have product themes like "Fruit Loops" or "Reese Cup" er, on second thought, maybe this is a "box". one thing's for sure it ain't no "bubble". whatever, it's the "illest" thing on the road. *howl* i really like this photo too. the way the figure looks and the blast of fade out light, blur and the monumental shadow.

a group of 18 UK artists were asked to create dart boards with the thing they "most hated" on it. This one was my favorite.

this tattoo shows real commitment.
i have always thought the alien harvest of earthly beings was one of the best horror story lines.

unless you're a lib, and then it's a karmic dream fantasy come true. grrrherhaha

how about this sub-woofer. get it? woofer! Created by Buro Vormkrijgers, a Dutch design studio. next up: the bird shaped "tweeter".

and now to finish with some samples from one of my favorite daily stops: the hubble space telescope astronomy picture of the day. my favorites are deep space galaxy shots:

i think of these as the ultimate in "religious" painting. /fin

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when fur is wrong: she's best and worst of kulchur for the week

WORST spokeshead for the "hair club for men"

BEST octopus USB flashdrive

BEST harajuku girl: fur division winner

BEST photochoppy dig on the "9-11 was an inside job" crowd, featuring Hulk Hogan

BEST francis baconesque photo i've taken lately

WORST ad campaign ever: waking up with the 'king" AYFKM?

"sarko" wins!
BEST repudiation of the socialist islamofacist appeasement monkey who tried to extort the presidency by threating violence if she wasn't elected. by the way, 700+ cars did burn last night in France, but on a typical night, one hundred burn.
the fires and violence finally swam up to bite some 12th century ass.

BEST stuffed dog wearing a vintage hat

BEST commentary that sums up my disgust with hollywood:

"in short, those who sincerely desire to improve the lot of the poor should recognize the full humanity of those in need, and not reduce them to suffering mascots of Western sensitivity. They should not see the poor as passive victims waiting for handouts, but rather as people capable of taking responsibility and initiative, and of actively participating in their own improvement. And they should avoid turning Third World suffering into a grotesque spectacle, a sentimental melodrama of Western guilt whose only purpose is to advertise the moral superiority of our pop-culture mayflies."
thank you Bruce Thornton

BEST "what if" extrapolation photo to support gay marriage

WORST. period.