mute monday: ride (with trout in atlanta)

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winter buck


the nature dog weighs in on "Zeitgeist the Movie"

"When people stop believing in God, they don't believe in nothing, they believe in anything."
- GK Chesterton

I watched the internet sensation "zeitgeist the movie" last night since there is no tv or radio in chickory's north georgia mountains. I would link it but you don't need a link, its everywhere...i recommend seeing it at the actual site so you can see the source list of authors he footnotes to vet the ideas expressed in the film. ( i say "he" because the director of the movie isn't readily apparent.) Do a google search on those sources "he" names. It's fun!

I loved the movie. It reminded me of when i used to stay up late and listen to the art bell radio show, a program i truly miss. but even more it reminded me of my atheist period, my mid to late twenties, when i discovered the books "None Dare Call it Conspiracy"; Hal Lindsay's " The Late Great Planet Earth" and of course the classic "Secrets of the Federal Reserve", a book stocked by the dozens in a closet at my parents' home; presumably to be handed out to spread the word of the dark times to come.

"Zeitgeist the movie" is like the visual version of these books and it is highly entertaining. although i have to say the scare montage of the world at war at the beginning made me feel a bit like i was trapped in a baddiwad dream with my droog Alex, eyes pried open until i was poogly and fully on board with the new ideology. noam sayin? grrrherhahaha

the content of "zeitgeist the movie" is a well-traveled road, one in which the central point is religion, and more specifically, Christianity, is the root of all suffering and darkness in the world. No mention is ever made about the correlation of atheism to human suffrage...i believe the body count for past century alone is some where in the 200 million range, helmed by poster-boy free thinkers Stalin and Mao who murdered their own people.

History does NOT support the primary thesis of this movie which is if only us dumb-ass sheeple wouldnt cling to our primitive notions about a Creator, the world would be a utopia. Nor does the film ever acknowledge what history DOES support: which is countries based on Judeo-Christian foundations offer the broadest range of freedoms for greatest amount of individuals.

Whoever made this movie and claims that they are connected to the natural world, has failed to see an essential truth in nature which is that human beings are capable of hideous acts regardless of faiths or other affiliations.

Another one of the themes is that Christians are so obsessed by the "end of the world" that they seek to actually bring it about by creating wars to validate the bible. or wait. was it that the wars are for the bilderburgers and sneaky forest owls behind the conference tables at the council on foreign relations, and skull and bones groomed leaders, and rockerfellers and jews to get rich so they can build the one world government? who can keep these difficult contradictory positions straight? End the world? Rule the world? decisions, decisions!

What is remarkable is that some of the same arguments above, as well as warnings about how the government is going to microchip us and make us into slaves, are similar to those favored by christian fundamentalists, the very ones the movie asserts are behind the world-ending totalitarian grip. grrrherhaha!

let me give you my take on the end of the world:

"i believe in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. As it Was in the Beginning, is Now and ever shall Be. WORLD WITHOUT END."

i am reminded of a great New Yorker cartoon that i cut out and saved. It showed a man shouting into a telephone saying "Joan? Don't listen to Joan! She's a control freak! Now lemme tell you what to do......"


its about the same thing with Zeitgeist the movie. i say beware of any program that tells you "everything you know is a lie" (NOAM saying, literally) and then promises to tell you THE truth. right here on the internet. grrrherhahaha.

There are some excellent observations made in the movie, some of which i heartily agree with, but the logic is often flawed, so much so that you could drive one of those mexico-to-canada-trucks-on-the evil-Belgian/Spanish-owned superhighway right through it's holes. (and by the way i agree that the north-american EU model sucks and should be fought vigorously)

I don't have enough time to go through all the sections, so i am going to talk about the first part where they boil down all faiths (except Islam, curiously) as being rip offs of egyptian Sun God stories. But before that, i have to jump to the end of the film where we are told we are divine and have all the power at our own hands...that we are, in fact, Gods. this is another old idea, a very convenient old idea. its kind of weird though if you believe that we evolved out of the primordial soup. from where does this divine aspect of our nature come? I do believe in evolution, but i believe it to be a construct of the creator and that our shot at "higher ground" comes from seeking the divine, not claiming to be divine. and if the people who embrace "zeitgeist the movie" as THE truth are divine, i wish they'ed get up off their asses and Save Us from ourselves. and, has anybody ever noticed how pissed these divine creatures are? i thought divinity would look and act all peaceful. i dont think divine creatures would be barking at us for being dumb sheeple if we don't get on board with them. i think divine creatures would trust that we would arrive at the truth at some point! grrrherhaha

"Zeigeist the movie" tells us that religion is merely warmed over astrology. that the Son of God is really the Sun, the light giving celestial body that "dies" every evening and is "risen" every morning. Okay. but at the same time, the movie tells us that religion has separated us from our connection with nature. really? cause if our faiths are based on the movements of celestial bodies then i would say that's pretty damn connected up with nature. now here is a place where i could write for a few solid days on faith and its connection to nature, but i believe i will let the art i have posted here and elsewhere speak to that; at least in my case. of course i would make the argument that by choosing Catholicism i have decided to drive on hi-test and have also decided that the Order of Natural Law is the foundation on which my entire personal construct is built.

I would love to write on about "Zeitgeist the movie"...the unvettable backstories of Horus and Krishna and Dionysus, the 9/11 inside job insanity...but i hear the waterfall calling my name, and my hound baying on the ridge. time to go out and be a part of that natural world. But i would leave this final thought...I had this horse once...always looking for boogeymen and monsters in the shrubs. as a result...you couldn't really enjoy a trail ride with her. i got another horse. grrrherhahaha

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approved! (er, it's not rudolph)

either one; i'm good to go. *see previous post if you care to know what this means* have a good weekend /she

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another placeholding post

taking a break from painting to do a money job i submitted this sketch for a holiday cover....but the client refused. too cartoony! and, seems that Rudolph has some bad-ass representation that will SUE you if you draw him. grrrrrrrr! back to the drawing board.

for fun i've posted a sketch of a poodle and mice in an apartment in NYC.. and the final art from that sketch. (mostly because i am too busy to write the rappery that's been spinning in my head for weeks.)

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still on hiatus

way busy painting for the show (oct.4) and rebuilding my website (God help me).i went to an art opening last night with some heavy hitters exhibiting. i didnt see many red dots, but i did see a quite a few very skinny fake-tanned ATL art matrons assuming the chardonnay art pose and not really looking at the work. later we saw at least five of these same groups of people at the bistro we went to after the show. we (another artist and myself) bird dogged them from the bar. i noted one of the husbands had a thick stack of crisp C notes in his wallet when he came up to get a drink. heyyyyyy...short AND rich! i like that. gotta get him on the mailing list.grrrherhaha.

er, this isnt the best of times to sell art...figures. dumb rottie luck. i am looking forward to returning to all the blogs i love to read very soon. kate and /t: almost finished with the 2 panel bird painting.

a detail shot.
i noticed blogger takes VIDEO now! grrrherhahaha! yay i cant wait to get back to blogging. enjoy the stellar upcoming SEC weekend everyone. /she

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