10 days of painting day 8: dogs in a landscape

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Mute Monday: intoxicating


the dog who loved the world


today at the studio


today's garden scan


trout, vermeer, van eyck, moi and /t (mute monday redux)

me and trout in the "virgin" bedroom.

Yesterday, during the mute monday meme which was "all about me" i posted a series of self portraits. what remains is the best of the lot. /t, the code poet said this mirror image reminded him of a Vermeer painting, particularly this one below: the "Music Lesson".
but when i read /t's comment, i totally went to the Van Eyck painting below; the "Arnolfini Wedding". this painting flashed up in my mind because of the mirror and the chandelier. moi at "bite the apple" caught what i meant! now that i examine the Van Eyck, i see many similarities between the two!
what is reflected in the mirror? the painter of course. and in the mirror's frame, are 10 scenes from the life of Christ. interesting that a dog is included in the Van Eyck as a symbol of fidelity. i like to use dogs as a metaphor for God since they share the same letters. In Dog We Trust.

about that painting reflected in the mirror in the virgin bedroom photo; it is the "creator's handmaiden", a portrait of beloved Eva the wonder lab. the title is a nesting doll of meaning, the dog my handmaiden, and me, the Creators. when you read that Man is created in God's image, i think of creativity, not physical attributes. i truly believe that creativity will be our salvation and is our highest calling. and that applies to all endeavors from the arts to raising children to gardening to governance.

soon i will immortalize trout in a painting but she is still young and i dont have her "icon" image yet. as for the self portrait i was working on, it's horrible. i will have to start again. posting this painting of mine on the same page as a Vermeer and a Van Eyck is all the ego check i will need for today. grrrherhahahahahahaha

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10 days of painting: day 7

phish phor PhoKid

the meme for ruela the 6 word memoir

fur of daffodil heart of gold

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red monkey

got one today! velvety soft vintage vibed red monkey. thrilled the light got the metal tops crisp. still wish the glitter would sparkle for the camera. this one goes to the might-be-a-catalog-page file.

major thanks to seattle plastics for the prop - its so good, no photochoppies were required. look! you can barely see it.

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