bustin' up the hive



Moi Mwah Mwah! Happy Birthday

10 Things I like About You:

1. You have a mature taste level. And I dont mean mature as in old, but well developed and sophisticated
2. Because of you, I smell like dirt.
3. You ain't no yes man.

4.  We wouldn't compete for the same men. (This is my all time fave photo of Jack)
5.  You'd be great in a foxhole. When TSHTF please pack your guns, dogs and husband and head south.

6. I notice shoes more because of you. Say, does Louboutin make a hiking boot?
7. You write roach dialogue like nobody's business, seeester.
8. Cross stitch roosters I will cherish always
9. You are a brilliant observer of the kulchur. Then you write about it...brilliantly

10. There will always be an edge to you -whatever age.

Happy Birthday MOI!!!!
have a terrific day. xo K9 and Chickory