it were mostly good

my home my love
dear God above
the sunshine state
ive rapped her fate
the post of 3/21 date
furblown and thrashed out
"its too late"

this time round
im talking bout ground
the skies, blueberry surprise
the osprey rise
the snake, the zebus the ranch hand drinks
the trucks big lifted and the
tourists' pinks
working for fishes and
searchin the ditches

country sky so big
under which
im driving this rig

with gnarls barkley on the box
rippin that old skool fox
renee who say
"i'll be good."

it aint about stuffing the
wild bikini
its riding SR's
you shoulda seen me
lookin at ranchlands
always big dreaming
just like the browns
the air it were steaming

barbwire and herons and brangus for shore
resistols and filliment
the tequila did pour
a guest chop on stage
the rythmn and rage
on "paranoid"
ozzy's best
prowling night crawlers
puttin me
to the test
but i was good.

coquina in my car
and blooming cacti star
a rash from seaweed
innoculators hooves and sweet feed

giant tadpoles in the pond
the hang out huts with
roofs of frond

ladies: don't squeal
I met Q
in the real

a thrill
to chill with the
mystery still

i swam with the babies
ate cake with the ladies
relished solitude
in the woods and
did almost all i should
all i can say is
it were mostly good.