/bark bark bark

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Blogger X. Dell said...

I wonder which art this muse represents. My first guess would be the art of pickpocket, because of the hands and the trunk. Then I thought this might be the muse for one-man bands.

Let's go with the second choice.

9:02 AM  
Blogger /t. said...

Babar on acid!

I like it


9:14 AM  
Blogger pack of dawgs said...

been takin' the dawgs out fer a trot
and came across something new....
an elephant at k9's place, I believe it, why not?
The bones from this one's really gonna be a big chew!

9:30 AM  
Blogger firebird said...

Looks like Ganesh--the coolest picture I've seen of him--with a twinkle in his eye!
I never thought of him before as a MUSE, he has been really helpful in PRACTICAL ways--if he IS your muse, tell us more...
(wikipedia has more on Ganesh)
Hey, now I have a face for MY muse! I needed that.

11:43 AM  
Blogger boneman said...

Say, without anyone's permission,
I thought of a new competition,
one that might get the juices flowin, ah, alas.
I've no woman t'throw in the winner's circle
but, how 'bout fer a new shiney nickle?
Five cents ain't much, but it won't break like glass.

12:19 PM  
Blogger Enemy of the Republic said...

I say a Hindu avatar. Am I close?

3:21 PM  
Blogger /t. said...

o muse
u r

3:38 PM  
Blogger K9 said...

/bark bark bark

well, he's a muse because he is an archetype with many manifestations. so he can be painted again and again without repeating....he has 52 different things he can hold, several colors he can be, he can have four, or six, or eight or twelve arms but never two, because two are for mortals.

this ganesh is incorrect because one tusk is 'sposed to be broken off to symbolize that he has overcome the problem of duality.


a little artistic license for a dog dug down deep in duality. the holder of a tool of destruction. the holder of a fragile goodness too.

( i just heard joni mitchell sing in my head as i wrote that: "it's down to you, constant stranger, you're a kind person, you're a cold person too....)

i forget what the mouse means but in some images ganesh rides the mouse. i saw a show not too long ago about an entire temple shrine to rats in india. Ive got to go there!!

x.dell: a one man band...like beck! a great way to avoid the 3 way, or 4 way marriage, and the fight for command of the ship! grrherhaha

/t: not at all like dali's own tripped out elephatian stilt legged thing in a desert..you know the one im talkin bout?

boney dogs and gators: im ready for the new challenge. i like the yellow sky btw. big bones for a big pack like yours...i am a one man dog

firebird: welcome to my yard! and thank you! i will have to read up on big G again..its been a while but i know that him being yellow means something, and that the trunk going left means something too. i know he is good luck, but he is a muse for me only because he is so rich in artistic possibilities and i can sell 'em! this particular ganesh is living somewhere in san francisco with the most hippy dippiest lady i ever met. but green is green. /howl!! (wait! is that mean? howl again! grrrrherherhahaha)

enemy: welcome back! are you smoothed over now?
theres only one avatar and that is of the mighty rottie of the ring, he who float, he who sting!!!

/t: you might be right. or rot.

thanks for indulging this long comment. i somehow fell into a good mood! grrrrrrrherherhahaha!!!!


4:56 PM  
Blogger Lady Wordsmith said...

Grand image of Ganesha. I rather like that you took it upon your paw to give him his tusk back. A way of saying that sacrifice is no longer needed? (or wanted?)

And I may be wrong, but I thought the fact this kingly beast would ride a lowly mouse was proof of his humility? So does the liberty you've taken with the mouse beside rather than beneath Ganesha mean you would rather walk with humility instead of on it?


5:58 PM  
Blogger /t. said...

The painting might be

He also did sculptures of very tall spindly legged elephants carrying symbolic loads


7:47 PM  
Blogger Mr Q said...

No Ganesh can be more intricate than the K9. The K is for kaleidoscopic.

7:09 AM  
Blogger Percival said...

I did NOT grant permission to have my image painted while meditating.

11:57 AM  
Blogger Mayden's Voyage said...

I was slighty disapointed to discover that I am not, in fact, your muse...

-teasing you K9- *smooch*

12:53 PM  
Blogger Pete Bogs said...

is that mouse going to tickle his feet, or make him remember something?

btw, I added comments to your Shiny Happy People blog and to your comments on my recent posts... thanks for coming by...

4:40 PM  
Blogger Mayden's Voyage said...

And about the "Ocean"... (I left this at MV, but wanted to be sure you saw it!)

"K9- if the waves were kisses- you will be happy to know that at least one knocked me over! :)
/Grrrrrrrrr!!!!! :)
**big smooch**"

6:13 PM  
Blogger Bird said...


what a surprise - i return from thailand and laos (both being the land of elephants) to see one here as well!

and more poetry too. bottoms is cool.

i am too jetlagged to do my own post back at my roost, but am winging my way (slowly) through favorites trying to catch up.

nice to be back and to see your stuff K9.

flap...f l a p p.

7:46 PM  
Blogger K9 said...

/bark bark bark

Lady W: howl! i wish i were that clever! you give me far too much credit. but i thank you...and offer you the (soft) grrrr of rottie love.

/t: thats the one. i never even noticed poor st anthony!
sculptures sound cool...but what could top dali's ruby encrusted mechanical beating heart???? terrifying and beautiful. great combo.

Q: as always a visit from the man of mystery is a thrill. and, i believe one of your greatest fans is about to take over this blog. are you ready to roll with the hybrid speak? i think she has mastered the quordspeak as well.

percival: i hadn't quite pictured you in this way...lets hope that your own belly is not large enough to hold the universe

mayden: i have many muses as is necessary to my work. however, no muse has inspired me to study and use a dictionary as you have. nor compete in an arena of words....but your sweet face and goodly charm compelled me, and i think you will see very soon an aMUSEing photo essay on one ms cora the lovely.

bogs: i read it. youre my favorite lib. get better soon. i see you are puttin that splint to the test by lifting bottle after bottle of guiness!

Boyed: boyed! boyed! boyed! *circle tail happy wag* welcome home!!!! you've been missed vogel!!! cant wait for the photos and the stories. yay! welcome home!!!!


7:03 AM  
Blogger Lady Wordsmith said...

Apologies made with a request for forgiveness and explanations offered ...

9:22 AM  
Blogger boneman said...

Turns out t'not be as easy a task
as I've been finding from others.
Lots of "bugs" as it were, but, I still think it may be worth the bother.

Feel free t'drop by and enter some help, it really needs it, y'see.
Fouind some help landing there from Brian and some also from /t.

1:55 PM  
Blogger Lady Wordsmith said...

Dear graciously talented and benevolent Rottie,

(And to that list of descriptors of you, perhaps I should add quick?)

By now, no doubt, you have noticed not only that I did, in fact, take special care to call you personally out – but you have probably also done some travelin’ and noticed I have hand delivered personal invites, of sorts, to my party, of sorts.

And yes. I have not yet delivered you yours. Yet.

I have, for all to see, saved the best for last. Although you were given deliberate and unique thought while I conceived of my birthday wish list – and the special VIP guest list of invitees to my party – you were due to receive the same standardized hand delivered invite.

But now, it simply isn’t good enough. Not for you.

How could I not plan - what I know to be the dawning of my new creative age - without a special request from, and for, a most specially talented and creative guest?

Well we all know, that it was the duality known as Darius/Percival who first called me into your fray. But it was your good play that held my eye. And your better show of loyalty, truth, and street (yes, ‘tis true) that kept my eye amused. And enlivened. Captivated, and … Inspired.

And inspirations aplenty you have given. Your slipstream whispers about sneaking peeks at spirits? It stopped my breath, and upon the exhale I did feel the vapors of your ghosts. Your cheeky commentary and punchy photos of squabbling protesters with more flaws than cause? It stirred my pot and embroiled my memories of my own recent – and now current – demonstrations. And your brush strokes beckoning forth muses from East and West? It convinced me that a touch of what I seek is held in your paw.

How could I not invite you?
How could not I not implore of you?
How could I not want you …
K9, noble and loyal beast,
to please grant me, a simple and babbling Lady, the distinct pleasure of your presence (and presents!) at the 40th birthday party to be held , on the 28th of August.

And if you would, in honour of your dear Lady becoming half a crone, be a dear to me and bring the special favours I have asked of you. It is what I hold dear.

Ever yours

4:14 PM  
Blogger dumbdodi said...

What a beauty. Its intersting that his crown looks like buddha's for some reason. Is it just me or was it intended to be so.

4:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot! » »

7:18 AM  

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