thinking about art

/bark bark bark

one of the best shows i have seen in the last few years was the whitney biennal 2004. for one thing, it was a return to beauty and actual skill; a welcome relief from the trend of "it's a drag to be: black, gay, an objectified female, an american ashamed of GWB, *insert your grievance here*. i dont have an issue with "serious content" art but for rotties sake your craftsmanship level should be just as sincere. recently derrick and i found ourselves before a wall of plastic baggies containing all kinds of pubic hair...curly, gray, long ( ! ), reddish, coarse, dyed, super kinky...you get the idea.

i said aloud in the gallery: "am i supposed to respect this shit?"
derrick said : "what a coincidence. i have the same exhibit on my bathroom floor"

we errupted into laughter. some nearby gertie and al earth mother types in sensible shoes and ropes and ropes of chunky old lady jewelry scowled at us and waddled away. of course the artist who collected this gak and bagged it up had some long ass artist statement i didnt want to read explaining why things that are usually flushed down the toilet was art. let me just say it:

if your work requires an 8.5 x 11 single spaced sheet to explain it, you have failed as a visual artist.

An example of art needing no explanation: the image at the top of this post is by fred tomaselli and it is created with thousands of pills and marijuana leaves suspended in liquid lucite. like a helix of pharmacopia..cinema like in scale and quite beautiful. people of all ages and backgrounds stood before it and the comments went something like this:

hey! that's wellbutrin!
look there's valium. sudafed! hydrocodone! vitamin c!
whats that little orange one? baby aspirin
oh my God is that a quaalude? they dont even make those any more! no, you moron that's extra strength excedrin.
whats that pink and black one? generic cyclovore said a voice behind me

even an elderly woman in her St. John suit (how do i know that? i dont know but i do) delighted in pointing out the little pills that were a part of her landscape. did we need an artist statement to tell us we are a drug culture? no. did we need to read on the wall the awesome advertising power the pharmaceutical companies have? no. i rest my case.

Piss Christ

turns out Nietzsche was wrong. God ain't dead.
I remember the huge freak out this work inspired.
It's too bad because this work is far from indifferent and shows Serrano to be fully consumed with the body of Christ. so what if in the negative?

I have actually seen this work in the flesh /howl.

the figure is bathed in golden light; suspended into body fluid. it's a beautiful large scale cibachrome photograph. without the famous title would you ever know the attitude of the artist? body fluid.... the body of Christ. is that supposed to be offensive? it isnt. what is piss? it is a miracle of design! theoretically the image is meant as a rebellious sacrelige shocker but the fact is the image has inspired passion on both sides bringing Christ to life in our immediate time in space through lively debate! grrherherhaha. Jesus the counter-subversive. take that Freeeedrick!

and now: an art show conversation translation crib sheet.

a service provided through a generous grant from the R.R. Rottie Foundation.
below please find typical comments you might overhear in a gallery setting, and then the translation inside the *'s.

wow. you have really developed this theme of yours.
*you haven't had a new idea in 10 years. loser*

its so cool how comfortable you are with your body.
*fat ass*

you really deserved that review you got in art papers
*you're old and they finally gave you some mercy ink*

such a dark sensibility.
*are you on drugs again?*

so reminds me of matisse's studio paintings.
*you lazy derivitive punk*

i love the colors!
*i have no clue what this work is about*

what an amazing surface.
*you can't draw*

this work is really deep.

this work is so sensual. i love your brush strokes. it really touches me.
*i'd like to sleep with you*

nice show! i'll definitely be back!
*when hell freezes over*

Movies about artists that i recommend in no particular order:

"the big lebowski" features one of my favorite celluloid artists of all time. julianne moore as maud lebowski. she plays it spot on as a weird vaginacentric artist who makes her work while hanging nude from wires. i love how she talks, looks and the hangers-on in her entourage. its perfect. this is a good movie in so many ways. i guarantee ya you all know someone like "the dude"

"bird" the story of charlie parker. starring forest whitaker. excellent. in fact forest whitaker is good in everything.

"Amadeus" the best thing about this story of mozart is it shows how the nature of humanity is that brilliance and debauchery often go hand and hand. much to the horror of the character soliari who prays constantly to God for favor, while deceitfully plotting to undermine mozart. it doesnt work that way, man. God knows what he's doing. people are both beautiful and horrifying.
accept it!

"rivers and tides" its a documentary about andy goldsworthy who makes art with only things from the earth. amazing amazing beautiful work that brings attention and glory to the most ordinary things.

"basquiat" a near perfect movie chock full o great actors. probably one of the most honest looks at the art world ever filmed. the scene where the rich couple comes to his studio to buy a painting is outstanding. david bowie plays andy warhol; gary oldman as julian schnabel; benicio del torro as basquiats herion addicted artist friend; parker posey as mary boone (big shot art dealer); willem dafoe as a barely holding on artist.....many more. see it.

"adaptation" a movie about a writer of screenplays and a writer of a book. one of the best movies i have ever seen. it has a close kinship with amadeus in that art often comes out of the least expected place.

"frida" i should write a whole post just on the tango between selma hayek and ashley judd. (soft) grrrr and howl!

its so beautifully filmed and true to the nature of frida. the bus crash scene where the gold leaf swirls all around while everybody in the wreck is hurt killed and/or impaled is memorable. directed by julie taymor, the woman who designed lion king for the stage, it is a valentine to a great artist. thanks to the ladies for this gift of a movie.

i would recommend "pollock" but i was so depressed after seeing it that i couldnt even be trusted with my little blue bic. but i think it was good. somebody even won an oscar.

final thought: if i had one wish to come true today, it would be that someone would develop some software that would read all my favorite blogs to me while i worked.


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Blogger /t. said...

post, k9

love all of the
works you're citing,
and in complete agreement with your thinking about all of it -- this bit: too true, why don't they learn:

"if your work requires an 8.5 x 11 single spaced sheet to explain it, you have failed as a visual artist."

addition to your list of movies -- this one very old, but good -- Kirk Douglas playing Van Gogh in "Lust for Life" -- a bit romantic, but definitely entertaining: sweet, sad (good book, too!)

thanks -- great post!


10:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey you. great post. i wonder too, about some of the shit they call art. some stuff you just shake you head and ask what? there was a canadian artist - wanda koop - that had a display of dead rabbits somehow arranged and that was supposed to be art and she got a friggin grant from the canada arts council (a taxpayer funded thing) for this BS! grrrrrr ... stupid, or what.

i liked the movie amadeus b/c it shows the loneliness and misfitness of being so smart and genius like mozart was. it shows him as fallable and troubled. that movie immortal beloved - about beethoven also portrayed the torture of brilliant genius.

love the art show 'crib sheet' ... howl!

6:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, pubic hair is now art? To think I've been paying good money for brazilian waxes to get rid of the stuff in private!

Great stuff as always, been catching up on all your posts.

10:06 PM  
Blogger K9 said...

/bark bark bark

melinda: i think i'll take pink reefers idea about the grant and come over and pick up those wax strips and nail them to the wall. you'll probably see a spread about me in art in america. /howl good to see ya!

pink reefer: hahaha kill da rabbit kill da rabbit kill da rabbit dun dun da!!!! elmer fudd trumps wanda koop!
and to a wagner soundtrack no less. now thats art!

/t: thanks! i have not seen lust for life but i do know whenever i see a movie with kirk douglas i lose focus wondering how in the hell you end up with a chin like that! i wont submit artist statements unless i am forced by gunpoint. grrehrha!


6:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Art is so often idelogically driven that few ordinary citizens care any longer. To wit:

Dress Up Against AIDSCondom Couture by Adriana Bertini, December 1, 2006 to March 11, 2007Dress Up Against AIDS features fourteen magnificent garments designed and produced by Brazilian artist Adriana Bertini, made entirely of men's and women's condoms rejected by industry quality tests. By appropriating an object of protection and using it to create works of vibrant and original style, color, and texture, Bertini seeks to raise awareness of and inspire the use of condoms, the critical vehicle for preventing AIDS. These colorful, sensual clothes, including ornate evening dresses, vivid skirts and tops, and elegant suits, demystify and destigmatize condoms and "refashion"...

11:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The key thing you said here was "respect"...

I respect talent- and honesty- purity- forgiveness- patience- time- life and death.

I don't respect trash- unless it's been recycled into something useful :) And I'm totally with Malinda on the hair thing- I do respect the pain of the waxing though! LOL

Anyway- I guess I respect art that shows some respect to me- that doesn't "talk down" to me- but rather tries to open my mind to something new- or reveals a skill level that impresses me to no end.

Something that "pings the universal" in me- be it art, music, food...

I've only repeated what you've already said here- forgive me :)

The movies you listed I'll print off...I've seen Basquiat- and I agree that it was good, and tragic.

Right now I'm on a Daniel Craig (new James Bond) binge- and I'm afraid it's bad!
side thought-
Monogamy and abstainance aren't very glamorous- are they?

If I go to a function where I dress up for AIDS awareness- I'm going to wear my wedding dress.

11:57 AM  
Blogger K9 said...

/bark bark bark

anon: welcome. i know that dress! its quite interesting in how it is constructed. the notion that it would do anything to change behavior or raise awareness is dubious. how many times have you seen people just glide through a gallery or museum rarely connecting...and all too often the text, especially those written by the curatorial staff seeks to exhibit their scholarship rather than bring the viewers closer to the work. art is relevant but for so long beauty was dismissed as decoration and we had a terrible rash of bitter product.

i see a paralell in political and social discourse where endless loops of hopelessness and dark vision equals sophistication and intelligence whereas if you are fortunate enough to have a more hopeful and joyous attitude you are dismissed as a clueless dolt.

mayden: the idea of wearing a wedding dress to an aids benefit is a stroke of brilliance! and rebellious! oh i love that about you! no hell no you are not going to follow the party line, the edicts of PC! yes of course monogamy and virtue are boring...so labeled because many fall short. better to trash the idea and lower the bar so that we can feel better about ourselves.

when art works it works on your very spirit -yes pingging the universal. it is so true you knew the image before you were formed and you wil know it always.


1:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are no 2 ways about it dog-
I love you dearly :)

In an up-standing, virtuous, adoring, duel-winning sort of way :)

Glad you got the fudge! :) I hope you know that you will get samples of many things I bake/make if they'll ship well in the mail-

Hope the scarves aren't around the neck of some postal carrier in Vermont! LOL :)

2:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey y'know something? mayden, i bet there's a drag queen in this town that would just looooove to see that weddding dress with you in it appear at an AIDS function. haha. indeed, mayden how brilliantly rebellious of you.

k9 - why is it that despair and discourse are deemed to create 'sophistocated' art whereas hope and joy are passe? perhaps because despair and darkness somehow result in a deeper product?

i'm thinking of all the artists i love - van gogh, mozart, beethoven, poe, etc. many had sorrow-filled lives. it seems to be a source of inspiration that attracts people. just an observation.

4:28 PM  
Blogger ThursdayNext said...

I loved this post. It served as a kind of gallery of its own the way it highlighted so many great works. I loved the film "Basquiat" and became obsessed with his art for a while. A few years prior I saw Jeffrey Wright play the fool in "King Lear" opposite F. Murray Abraham, who was amazing in "Amadeus"! Of course you MUST be a fan of all the Delft school painters? They always had poochies in their paintings to symbolize loyalty! :)

5:00 PM  
Blogger K9 said...

/bark bark bark

pink reefer: great point. but just as we are discussing over at enemys about bad news, the boringly even and well adjusted artists arent good copy...theres no dramatic pathos. but i wont argue the point about how many brilliant creatives choose altered states. you know, tone down their hyper awareness thing?
this seems to be a universal explanation.

sorrow as inspiration. i love van gogh...who doesnt? he paints what we all have felt. but you dont have to live sorrow 24/7 to be authentic.

here's some syncronicity for ya PR: i saw a volcano today.

mayden: grrherherha! its only puppy love!
no seriously, you could be a spy with your gentle sunshine laced persuasion. look out daniel craig.

lady jane: delft painters? i know them not! but because you bring it to my attention, i shall set about to learn what i can of it. * this is the talk of our first aquaintance* dear lady, your appearance in this yard always brings delight.


7:45 PM  
Blogger Bird said...

loved this post dog. you sound like a god-damned liberal! hahahahaha!

love ya!

did you have a good thankgsiving?

10:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't mean to parrot /t., but I totally agree with his comment. I loved this post. Nothing like learning to see art through the eyes of an artist.

I know it's "cliche", but your first picture reminded me that where some see "art", I see a first aid kit.

The 2nd piece reminded me of the time that I knocked the crucifix into the toilet, not realizing that I was spontaneously riffing into performance art.

The 4th image triggered a long lost memory of my girlfriend picking me up at the airport late at night.

It would be so neat to have you as a guide on a museum tour.

The movie reviews were much appreciated as well.

7:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the first part of your comment i must think about for a bit ... i think i need to re-read it a few times b4 responding intelligently. i like that you challenge me to think ... i like that.

i agree ... that sorrow 24/7 them becomes a bore. just as happy happy joy joy 24/7 does. variety makes life interesting. but ... as humans why do we seem to gravitate toward the sorrow-filled ... the negative ... the frightening ... the dark ... the scary?

perhaps this is the spiritual version of picking at that sore that annoys, even hurts us so?

re: volcano: cool, huh? didja tryit out? inquiring minds wanna know. lol. i still like the good ol' fashioned way best. but ... that's just me.

2:23 PM  
Blogger twit said...

Worth reading.
A couple of movie tips too.

I'm glad I met you, K9.

4:12 PM  
Blogger ThursdayNext said...



A Delft School painter known as Pieter de Hooch loved to paint a good pooch! See?


Just like Hooch, I love a pooch!

Lady Jane

6:23 PM  
Blogger Bird said...

yes dog, a liberal - the idea that art might endender a lively debate about ideas, the idea that the piss christ is still ART - those are oft-spoken liberal sentiments -and often shot to hell by some conservatives or perhaps conservatives that aren't really conservatives but are just plain buttheads.

i don't really know what the heck i'm talkin' about.

but i won't forget that you're sometimes quite conservative. what was it you called yourself once before? an agrarian conservative from the south?

1:28 PM  
Blogger Enemy of the Republic said...

This is a great post. I don't know where to begin. Pollack is an awesome movie and yes, very depressing. Your take on Piss Christ is cool and unique. And I definitely agree with you and /t.

3:48 PM  
Blogger Aunty Belle said...

Sorry pup...ain't buyin' Serrano as artist. An angry frustrated homosexual whose misdirected ire ran out of ways to say "piss on God and His laws". A five year old making mud pies in the yard is more creative.

Is the dung flung on the Virgin Mary art too Dawg? C'mon.

try this experiment: Smear ape excrement on hilary's portrait, hang it in the Met and call it art, see how the liberal enlightened find high decible language to tell you why that ain't art, but hate. (And they'd be hippycrites, but they'd be right.)

Another experiment--those "tolerant" folks who think the Danish cartoons were an afront to Muslims, they rushed to sneer at the cartoonists and the papers that published the cartoons--those oh-so-liberal "compassionate" folks are the very ones who screech and howl "free speech" and free expression" on behalf of Serranos of this world.

I does see ya point though--that God got last laugh from the idiotic tantrum of Serrano--but that is still not art.

Stick with Henry Tanner.

5:39 PM  
Blogger infinitesimal said...

all time favorie #1 art movie to watch?

Camille Claudelle

or is it just Camille?

it's wonderful
*i dunno why I likes it, I jes does*

good posty, i gotta come back for seconds.

i made some post too, it's personal

5:43 PM  
Blogger infinitesimal said...


Malinda totally should do a wall pube wax exibit.
and next toor?
crusty yellow tonails from old men
and in the other room?
all size shapes colors...uh...smells?

then THEN

a big booger ball....interactive, of course

and for the final section?
a communal dandruff pile

*I want to the MET and made art while I was there*


or or how about "Scabs I have peeled" exibit?

one could carve specific shapes into one's flesh to get perfectly formed scabs to exibit

pube's just the tip of the pukepile baby!!!

5:47 PM  
Blogger infinitesimal said...

i thought Mappelthorp id PissChrist??

5:50 PM  
Blogger K9 said...

/bark bark bark

PW: thanks for stopping by the yard. what is art? you're wearing it in the picture on your post. grrherherhaha no need to explain that one.

Reefer: what i am speaking to here is the falsehood that misery is the ideal state of being for creating authentic art. its a lie perpetuated by cinema and popular culture. i will acknowledge that out of sorrows can come the good stuff but it isnt a requirement.

twit: good to see ya in the yard.

Lady Jane: thanks! i was all stuck thinkin it was blue and white china with windmills on it. i didnt realize that vermeer was catagorized this way. pooch loving artists rule!! thank you for setting me right.

Boyed: you are correct. southern agrarian conservative. conservatism is an ideology that is pro individual and expects the "state" to interfere as little as possible...stay out of the way so we can actualize our potential. the government has one - ONE mandate and that is to protect from foreign invasion. not how to put a condom on a banana...that's the step dad's, dirty uncle, next door neighbors job.../howl just kiddin bird. *see maydens post for clarification*

enemy: thank you. there is another serrano that is moses submerged in milk and water....and it is also very beautiful. its funny cuz that particular moses is at saint peters...by michaelangelo....and to depict rays of light coming off the head of moses he carved these pilars. but they look like horns! and moses looks so severe in the face....anyway, my older brother used to show me this picture to scare me and it worked! glad you dropped by grrrrl

aunty belle! if you say he has made this work to say piss on Christ and his laws he has acomplished it with a high level of craftsmanship and with an eye to beauty. you are correct in noting that his intention is rebellion. hostility even.

but i say the viewer brings the truth to the image. i can view this work and apply my own thoughts about Christ to the image. i see the Lamb in sacrifice in light of gold. i know intellectually it is piss, but so what if it is the product of the Creators perfect design? his effort to dig on Christ really, with the proper attitude, can be perceived as a love letter.

indifference is the opposite of love aunty. serrano is a wayward catholic as you well know and far from indifferent. he cannot escape the body of Christ. it is a source of amusement to me! that Christ is a subject of artistic inquiry keeps him relevant in an increasingly secularized world.

you are right with regard to how the left might react to what they dont like as "hate" speech and you are damn sure right on the muslims reaction to the cartoons. the leftists are controlers like a bunch of pissy high school hall monitors. and they try to legislate how to "feel" about any given topic. *ptui*

but we're not built that way aunty. art doesnt threaten us. even non art doesnt threaten us. are we solid, or are we solid?

we can dislike it, we can write papers about how the work is weak, we can ignore it....but we arent going to burn down any buildings or try and pass laws that tells an artist what he can and cannot paint, photograph, draw, etc.

"they will hate you for My name".......shake off the dust baby and get on down the road.

yes aunty, how many know the great henry ossawa tanner, the outstanding early american black painter. his annunciation is one of the greatest of all time. and the sodom and gomorrah (which is here in ATL!) is a beautiful allegorical painting. thank you for remembering him. i love ya grrrrrl.

vanille: gross me out grrrrrrrrrrrl! i am going to submit your comment to the NEA. financed your trip to new york. you made art at the met? i had a "religious" experience at the met. small world. grrrherherhaha

mappelthorpe did all the gay copulation photos, and self portraits with pentagrams and horns on his head. flowers too. it is art. its art i hate though.


8:03 AM  
Blogger Aunty Belle said...

Dawgy Pup, okay, ok...OKAY! I agrees wif' ya that Serrano is Christ haunted, and that even in his hatred Serrano is reduced to using elements that was created by the Creator...I gits that, too from yore explainin' but is his expression art? Really? What is ya seein' in his "craftmanship"...tell me what I'se missin'?

I DOES agree fer shure that we is solid--memaning, we doan burn down what we doan like, cause it ain;t no threat to us--and insult yep, but no threat.

Yeah--Tanner's Annunciation is my all out favorite. Now that is art--says somethin' , pulls somethin' from the viewer, and has craftmanship even a cracker lady can understand.

Ya' done an Annunciation, Pup? Would like to see it....

3:01 PM  
Blogger K9 said...

/bark bark bark

aunty: i am not painter enough to address such a topic as the annunciation but if i did i would go the way of Fra.

as to serranos skill, i suppose i am applying the whole of a career in my assessment. is it difficult to set up the shot and shoot a large format? no. it might be difficult to print that large a cibachrome in the time it was produced but more than likely a studio slave did the grunt work. point taken.

but then again picasso attached bicycle handles to a bicycle seat and called it a bull. was that hard? ....its the whole of a career again. the joy of being established as a master.


3:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

re: misery and art: i think we're both agreeing on this. i absolutely agree with you on misery ... i'm trying to get at why that is ... y'know?

i think its sort of related to the habit our society has of fixating on the miserable ... on the negative ... that's what i meant by my comparison to 'picking at the sore' ... that's all.

regarding the overused term, 'free speech'. is there any point to mentioning that free speech is not really liberating if it only exists to malign others? likely not.

speaking and speech is like shitting. necessary. but there's a time and a place for it. i truly wish i had the cure for verbal diarrhea.

*** pink gets on her soap box ***

once again with the labels? leftist? conservatives? who the hell cares if leftists are controllers and conservatives are intolerant sticks. are we any further ahead, now that we've placed everyone in nice, neat piles? (sorry i know that was cynical ... just to make a point).

i agree, tho, that gov't should have as marginal a role as possible in society. clearly gov't as an institution has demonstrated its ineptness at managing anything at all.

friday is world AIDS day. wouldn't it be nice if people made an effort to learn about AIDS and what it means to live with it? i mean, as opposed to accusing those who have the disease for even having it?

just a thought ... its sad to see, that after all these years people with AIDS still try to hide their diagnosis, for fear of persecution.

sorry to hijack your post. but its frustrating to watch an entire generation of humanity dying while we sit around and bash each other over condoms vs abstinence. perhaps its a little more complicated than the ideology of sex.

**pink steps off her soap box**


6:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Friday is AIDS Day.

Wouldn't it be informative if a real discussion of AIDS could happen in a public forum. Informative as in a discussion of the cause of AIDS: promiscuity and drug use. No lecture to those living with this scourge--but a warning to those who think that an unhealthy lifestyle has no risk.

No amount of empathy of $$ spent on research for those with AIDS will prevent one new case from being contracted. AIDS is prevented by better lifestyle choices. It is a disease that could be erradicated in one generation with behavior adjustments--no need to spend billions year after year with little hope of cure for this mutating virus...

One true hope is to change behavior patterns --as in reducing lung cancer by putting money into STOP SMOKING campaigns in schools, colleges and even in public by outlawing smoking.

Similar campaign is needed for AIDS. Promote healty lifestyles and AIDS will decline. Empathy is empty minus truth of the cause of the disease.

7:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


is there an echo in here?
i believe i said its world AIDs day.
did i not?
grrrrr ... why parrot me?

"Empathy is empty minus truth of the cause of the disease."

sounds cute, but its really meaningless. and it demonstrates your ignorance on the topic of disease and illness.

anon, you live in a world of absolutes. how easy life must be for you.

do we address the issue of rape and violence against women by teaching women how not to provoke attack?

NO. so why do we think the answer to the AIDs epidemic is via blame-the-victim?

the point i am attempting to get across here is to focus in the here and now. what can we do to help those with AIDs?

clearly you live in a small world if you think things like lung cancer and AIDs can be eradicted by mere changes in lifestyle choices. how naive is that?

of course lifestyle choices play a factor in the health status of anyone. from choosing one's clothes in the morning, to deciding what to wear, to making choices about how to respond to life.

abstinence/prohibition never cured anything. and its about fucking time we get our fucking heads outta the sand and realize that one! THAT's MY POINT.

oh yeah - and if you were really serious about discussing this you likely would have the balls to sign your name to your opinion.

1:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey k9 ... i saw a lovely rottie pup this morning. so happy and filled with spirit. it made me think of you. enjoy your weekend.


1:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got 2 surprises in the mail...one from you and Freya :)
I LOVE IT!!! /Grrrrrr! I have to give Freya a smooch on the nose this time :)

and 2- the scarves made it back to me...WHEW!!! I've not lost all faith in the US post office!

I sent you an email- but I was just too excited to wait to see if you got it :)

Hugs! :)

1:42 PM  
Blogger infinitesimal said...

I tagged you, so get to work

6 weird things about yourself then tag a few others

3:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my mind you are speaking to fast for me...like breathless...

I'm trying to follow what you're saying...The way I understand it is that, you are saying some people's idea of art isn't art at all...but trash..Art should be sincere...yes..

And were you serious??..about the pubic hair??..It's hideous...how could anybody think of it as art?..I dunno'...

I know art should not be um'... complicated (?!)...or stinking offensive....It doesn't always have to speak of flowers or mountains..or starsthough..

Art can revel in blood and gut and wounds and scars....and lines of confusion with the objective of bringing out a repressed or subdued spoken message aimed for the viewer to reveal...the message should be one of transformation or positive discovery...

as you said...something sincere...

8:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmm, I would be reading this while i'm trying to get over a headache at 7 am on a sunday morning..
great post..i don't know if i can be very thoughtful or make a whole lot of sense right now.

i thought your translation of art gallery comments was priceless and oh so true.
one of my favorite comments was directed towards one of my pieces that was hanging in our local gallery. the person knew i taught in the public schools........
"Is that what she teaches those kids?" I did not overhear the statement but it came back to me via the gallery director who knew i would think it was funny..
and i did.

ps: we love the big lebowsky in this house

i might just have to post a list of some of my favorite artists one of these days....;)

4:21 AM  
Blogger /t. said...


K9, watched
the Tim Burton film
"Ed Wood" on dvd last night

pretty good -- i like everything Burton does -- can just see Ed in his pink angora sweater doing an entire movie in one take and shouting every so often, "it's perfect!"

this movie is a bit like that (one take) in so far as it is about only one short period of time in Wood's early career, centered around 1950ish -- it almost is more about Lugosi than Wood

[ wish they'd made lord of the rings in one film, 30 minutes long, with room for 15 minutes of commercials, and 5 minutes of titles and credits -- it still would have been slow ]

hoping the next movie about Wood is longer and more thorough, and with better actors than bill murray and johnny depp



8:13 AM  
Blogger Pete Bogs said...

Julianne Moore rules, though I prefer "Short Cuts" because it proves she is a "natural" redhead... sigh...

I love art, but am always the first to point out its subjectivity... Pollock? maybe he's good... dunno... I do hate pretensious stuff, and the Piss Christ etc. falls in that category...

3:46 PM  
Blogger infinitesimal said...

hi nobody loves me
i am in finals hell right now

NOT graduated YET!!!

and you owe me 6 things

and let's not forget me getting dumped by email
but you were right, it was a lucky break.

run forrest RUN!!


8:18 PM  
Blogger firebird said...

Love your "crib sheet--makes me laugh out loud at how true it is!

Bless you for seeing piss as God's creation--that's an enlightened attitude, wish everyone had it...

Good post all around, worth waiting for!

8:00 PM  
Blogger X. Dell said...

Actually, the software that you call for exists for MacIntosh. There's probably a PC version too, but I haven't found it yet.

I don't really have a hard and fast rule about what constitutes art, really. The guy with hair clippings isn't really beating down my door asking that I buy his work, or even understand it. If he has to give me the 8.5x11 sheet for me to see something, I may or may not take him up on the offer.

On the other hand, in my field (music) people often have very similar conversations. In my my mind, whether one is listening to Mozart or looking at a Pollack, the listener or viewer has to come part way in uderstanding the artist's vision. If the artist is asking for the viewer to come to far without promise of a payout, then it's up to the viewer to decide whether or not he or she wants to continue. Obviously, you will only go so far. I might go a bit farther, but I have my limits too.

11:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



11:39 AM  
Blogger K9 said...

/bark bark bark

long time to reply: my apologies especially when there are so many thoughtful comments. so in reverse order:

/t: yes it does. but does it bite as hard as i do?
theres always typepad and wordpress!

xdell: i dont have a hard and fast rule about what is art either. i can say the pubic hair exhibit was art but i didnt like or repsect it. and because i wasnt interested in the visuals i wasnt going to read the text. what would have made it different? maybe the hair was every girl the artist slept with. maybe it was hair from holocaust survivors....would that have made it more important? i dont know.

no the artist didnt come to my house and make me look at it. but when you have work in a public space which invites response, those responses can be negative or positive. same thing happens to me when i hang a work. it could be hated, disrespected or ignored which is fine.

ideally work works when whatever you (the viewer) brings experience that connects with the image in a personal yet universal way.

glad you stopped by xdell. i will look for that software.

firebird: great to see you again! thanks for your kind words. the crib sheet! i could have gone on indefinitely grrherehrha.

vanille: 6 things are next. and i love you.

bogs: you are correct on the subjective nature of art, however there are works that are universally understood as masterpieces as you well know. julianne moore is one of them. howl!

/t: i prefer mr Ed myself. you know that horse?

schaumi: the Big L is too funny and yet didnt have much appeal in the theatres....still. next time you have a show id love to come i know youre just a half day up I-85. btw, got studio?

Luxious: i can roll with offensive, dark, gory.....all i ask is for the craftsmanship to be there and as we both agree, sincere. so glad to see you grrrrrl. i like your new creative space.

mayden: cant wait to do a photochoppy with the scarves but i am under the oppressive nightmare known as christmas....the gifting and shipping part. i hate it. im looking forward to the part that includes MEAT.

reefer: you gotta get you another dog. i loved the painting you had made of the afgan. the artist did a nice job. as far as a discussion of aids, i cant do it. i am tapped out on this topic and have zero insight to offer. let it be enough for you and anon that the sorrows are many and they will always be with us. lets also acknowledge that beauties a plentiful as well.


9:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you have a great christmas k9 and freya.
studio? me? ..more like space with boxes in it.. oh well,
i checked out the swans coach website a while ago. looks like a great place to have a christmas show. hope it was successful for you.
yep, i'm just up the road from you..

3:29 AM  
Blogger House of Suz said...

On your movie list I noticed the absense of "How to Draw a Bunny", a documentary about artist Ray Johnson. Interesting subject, you should check it out and add it to your list.

3:23 PM  
Blogger House of Suz said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog!

Ray Johnson was an odd one, that's for sure, most of his work was mailed to people, a little like performance art in a way. It is suspected his greatest piece was concocting his own suspicious death. If you can find it you should definitely check it out. Just writing about it makes me want to see it again, but I am a freak for documentaries…

Oh, and Lynda Barry's novel, Cruddy, is weird and really engaging. I guess you can say I have tastes that gravitate to the odd.

8:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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