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petri-dish gardens from pruned one of my favorite blogs. its about landscape architecture, but it offers some of the coolest eye candy on the net.

an item listed on Ebay. a chicken bone in the shape of a crucifixion photographed on a trash bag. i call it the "crucificken". an amazing art photograph by accident.

Lately i've been seeing a ton of "donks" on the street. Mostly late 70's rides like impalas and cutlasses on big rims with flashy paint-jobs. seems like a lot of the paint jobs have product themes like "Fruit Loops" or "Reese Cup" er, on second thought, maybe this is a "box". one thing's for sure it ain't no "bubble". whatever, it's the "illest" thing on the road. *howl* i really like this photo too. the way the figure looks and the blast of fade out light, blur and the monumental shadow.

a group of 18 UK artists were asked to create dart boards with the thing they "most hated" on it. This one was my favorite.

this tattoo shows real commitment.
i have always thought the alien harvest of earthly beings was one of the best horror story lines.

unless you're a lib, and then it's a karmic dream fantasy come true. grrrherhaha

how about this sub-woofer. get it? woofer! Created by Buro Vormkrijgers, a Dutch design studio. next up: the bird shaped "tweeter".

and now to finish with some samples from one of my favorite daily stops: the hubble space telescope astronomy picture of the day. my favorites are deep space galaxy shots:

i think of these as the ultimate in "religious" painting. /fin

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

bone -- OMG!

favorite most hated: F U U 2

the illustrated man -- cool!


9:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now that is some tattoo.

Reminds one of Mr. O.E. Parker who roamed in your neighborhood.

1:47 AM  
Blogger kate said...

love the petridishes! Interesting about the most hated dart board... id think I hate enough to put anyones face there! I actually like U2! lol

Hey I hear we have a date... did you select a place or would you like some help in that department?

4:41 AM  
Blogger she said...

/t: im trying to imagine the scenario where first the fabulous bone is determined to be a great offerring for ebay. then the arrival at the idea photographing it on wrinkled up trash bag. ever step of the way it qualifies as a real "curiousity". not only that, it would completely at hoem in ArtNews magazine...and well reviewed at that. glad you liked it. (it IS for sale you know, but i bet sans bag)

anon: you mean the one who took my liver?

Kate: its just a joke on Bono. int not actual "hate"
i think its a joke about the ubiquitous sunglasses...or the ubiquitous bono.

yes we have a date. do you know where julies waterfront it? is on south orange just past michigan about a mile or two. i like it that it is a nice outdoor hangout without being a chain, great food. very easy. unless you have a better idea. i am open. will send you an email soon....im up in the north georgia mountians (chickory's) and forgot my computers charger.

5:58 AM  
Blogger *ItkUpiLLi* said...

WOW!Red Mantissa gave me link to your blog. Very cool. I would like to link your blog imediatelly, I want to find here back! :)

11:28 AM  
Blogger Infinitesimal said...

that crucichix is pretty groovy
i kinda want it.

i like deep space photos too

but you know what I do NOT like?


10:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, the one who got your liver. Roar!

8:08 AM  
Blogger Hellpig said...

I love darts even more now,welcome back Dawg

12:39 PM  
Blogger Aunty Belle said...


I'se home and thankin' ya fer the limerick on the Front Porch--real real funny, Pup. The contest is runnin' one more week--so I'se invitin' yore own regulars to come on over and add ter the fun---

so ya'll come have a glass o' lemonade and leave Aunty Belle a limerick--they's even a prize!!

(Of course SHE-dawg, I gotta new post on the BACK Porch too--but it ain't fer the faint-hearted. Know you will wanna have somepin' ter say at http://auntybelles.blogspot.com/


8:14 AM  
Blogger she said...

itkupilli: welcome to my yard! im glad to see you. i will be visiting your blog shortly. has anyone ever told you you look just like cyndi lauper? people tell me i look like "lupa" all the time

vanille: that bone i have looked at so many times. i cant get over that accidental photo. i need to check back and see if it has sold. jaslene! NO!!!!!! i knew it.

anon: and a part of my kidney too. now im bronzed. lets see what they can do with that

hellpig! great to see ya. yeah, thats funny. who would i put on my dart board? probably george clooney. barbara striesand. hell the whole state of california. me and lex luther.

Hey aunty belle! welcome home. yeah i read your post and its great. i'll be back when im on my game a little better. but seems like my limmerick's a winner already! i'll lay another bronze down for good measure.

9:42 AM  
Blogger Mayden's Voyage said...

When the kids were little- at their b-day parties we usually played "Pin the Tail on the Donkey"- but I always put a cut out face of someone on the donkey- mostly to shock my mother in law.

Al Gore was my favorite.

The kids thought it was a riot.
Even so, I never put Clinton up there...he was the President and there was a limit to how disrespectful I wanted to be.

Hillary would be a different matter though

11:21 AM  
Blogger Infinitesimal said...

when i first saw that bone photo, it flummoxed me, i thought it was high art, i did not read it was chicken bone right away.

having the photo on garbage bag is better than real life bone i think.

there is a limerick contest??

I was too busy scoring an A on my paper to notice

it is ON girl....

3:07 PM  
Blogger she said...

mayden: thank you friend that was the sunshine i was looking for. and i agree i never hated on clinton (loudly) cause it was bad on the greater good of 'mericans. but now i would like to pistol whip dubya. they are all a bunch of dirty bastards.
pin the tail on the donkey...you know that would be a great game with live targets. grrherhaha

vanille: game ON! and RIGHT about the bone. it is exactly like high art i can see it in the window at an of the moment white cube in chelsea. im still loving your cd youre taste is great vanille.

but the game is ON. ha! and you have to study too so i should be able to take ya....although i saw /t threw in. foamy, mayden, mel777, boney....loaded field! good to see ya vanille! jaslene!!!!!!!!!

4:05 PM  
Blogger Reverend Sumangali Tania Pink said...

Love the crucificken!

poor puppy with his head cut off. that musta hurt.

7:15 AM  

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