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here are 10 things non important "things" about me *tagged by the red mantissa the little doe of the great white north*

#1 almost every photograph i post on sparringK9 and chickory and K9P are juiced up first. either the color has been sweetened up, or cropped and resized or something. for example, the photo above was taken when mayden and i went to sebastian inlet and found a rookery of juvenile pelicans. its not a great photo, but i liked the difficult composition so i threw a warming filter on it, sharpened it and jacked up the contrast. i like it a little better now.

#2 i think tommy lee jones is hot. i also like robert duvall as Captain "i love the smell of napalm in the morning" Kilgore and young, pre-face-lift burt reynolds.

#3 i hate matt damon as much as you can hate someone you dont know. i saw the talented mr. ripley and it so disturbed me that i hold matt damon personally responsible for bringing to me an unwanted anxiety attack. plus, why is he even a movie star? I can go to a construction site anywhere USA and find five finer men in fifteen minutes. i also hate george clooney and feel that it would be very satisfying to punch the smirk right off his metrosexual face. grrrr!

#4 i hate brussels sprouts. what are brussels sprouts? they are super intense mini-cabbages. see what i mean?

#5 "mr. she" hates that i start so many sentences with "i hate". as i explained to xdell in a comment on his post about deadly tedly kennedy, "hate" is a southern slang short-cut for "annoys the hell out of me" or a super-sized "i don't like". please dont recommend sensitivity training for me.

#6 i keep trying to make this pelican photo look like something i want to paint. i'm still not there but the background has potential.

#7 i really like cars. its the only material thing that truly matters to me. its because cars represent freedom and escape, and its always an uplifting experience to escape in a sparkling clean beauty of machine.

#8 i hate the sound of jet skis and ATV's and think they have ruined the experience of being in the wilderness. sound pollution is my #1 irritant.

#9 sometimes red meat is the only hope i have for ending a bad headache.

#10 i hate doing meme tags and refuse to tag another blogger. but don't take that personally Red. i did it for you grrrrrrrrrrrl. who can refuse the request of a doe?

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Blogger Infinitesimal said...

mmmm meaty.

i was not allowed to use the word hate, i had to use the term "strongly dislike" as mandated by my father who still holds me to that.

5:40 PM  
Blogger the.red.mantissa said...

thanx, chickie.

i hate brussel sprouts, too. and cabbage. though i hear its good for ... er~ flushing one's system.

tommy lee jones has that 'bad boy' with good manners look/style i like.

when i think of ATVs and jet ski's i think pelvic fractures. coz people get f@cking drunk, climb on their ATVs and think they can drive. and ... they discover the hard way they can't when they've consumed THAT much alcohol. snowmobiles ... i hate them too. and yeah, they also wreck the wilderness experience.

sound pollution's why i like being awake @ 0400 hours. and being outside. not a sound - no traffic or subway/skytrain yet - save for the red-breasted finches and starlings that start waking @ that time.

i saw parts of that show 'planet earth' on the french CBC channel. nice. real nice.

now i'm watchin' david suzuki in a documentary about tarantulas. go figure. i HATE arachnids. now they're showin' some gal in phom pen munch on one. a tarantula, i mean.

7:37 PM  
Blogger puerileuwaite said...

I hate learning that apparently there's a "Mr. She". (It was bad enough to know there's a "Mr. T".)

5:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



/mr. /t.


only thing worse 'n hearing them ATVs & dirt bikes filling the wilderness with the sound of octane-boosted not-quite-legal sawed-off short-pipe explosions and rippin' up some woodland creature's burrow & family is sitting on the sidelines hearing... oh, nevermind


10:54 AM  
Blogger Infinitesimal said...

Brussel sprouts with butter and sea salt is about my all time favorite food... always has been.

11:47 AM  
Blogger foam said...

there are some artists who believe in the purity of a medium. i have always felt...
if it works towards the visual effect you want...USE IT!

yep, tommy lee does it for me too. matt damon i'm neutral about..

i have a tendency to enjoy intense foods..ergo, i like brussels sprouts..
i also like kimchee (sp?)

how else are you gonna effectively describe dislikes unless you use the word hate?

ditto on the jetskis and atv's.

iron deficiency can cause headaches.. i know..
unless you're talking about a metaphorical headache.

i don't mind doing memes on my own time but i never tag anybody....which reminds me i actually owe somebody a meme..
ehh, i might get to it eventually.

1:02 PM  
Blogger she said...

vanille: were you thinking about TLJ or the steak?

red: for you. of course, mine is lame compared to the thoughtful 10 you posted. ATV's!! its as least as kritikal as global warming. yes! wasnt planet earth gorgeous? i could be that person who sits in the tent 3 months waiting for the shot. (if i have a dog with me, but then again if it was trout all wildlife would be driven out!)

PW: well gosh. i mean, you have enough birds on your own pages to start an aviary. chirp chirp chirping at you with sly little jokes and double entendres and half nekkid thursdays. but remember we were friends when i was K9 so dont hold THIS against me. grrherherhaha

/t: i pity the fool who doesnt have time to post with a Mr T avatar!!! sawed off short pipes? whar the hell you from? jawja??? grrherhaha

vanille: it doesnt surprise me. i mean, you endured stank breath too. you are too generous. i read the latest at red's. good grief vanille. sendin you a postcard btw with some pink on it.

foam: purity smurity. i went to an exhibit not long ago where the artist had printed large format images made in photoshop, i was like "man they didnt even DO anything" but in the end i was mildly, note, mildly jealous. now i want to do it too!! but i will never not paint. but tools are tools. it is all about how they are used.

tommy lee jones just has the coolest quality about him. i love him in the fugitive.

hatin on the atv's seems to be the universal irk!

foamy whaterya doing with ya free time? making art!!!???? go foamy!!

1:45 PM  
Blogger X. Dell said...

1. Like Picasso said, art isn't truth. Art is the lie by which we can see the truth.

If you feel compelled to make what you see in your photographic compositions more obvious to the rest of us, then I'd say you're a fine artist (although, I would have said that anyway).

2. Frankly, these guys do nothing for me. Then again, I don't really have good taste in men.

3. Damon's certainly popular with enough folks to take your dislike of him all the way to the bank. I don't know what he might have done to get you upset (to my knowledge, he's never driven anybody off a bridge, or anything). But whatever it was, if you don't like him, you don't like him.

4. I've always hated brussell sprouts, but especially so after getting poisoned by some bad ones.

5. I think sensitivity training is a waste of time. I would suggest total emersion at the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port.

6. No need to be brief with the pelican.

7. I'm a car person myself.

8. I'm surrounded by noise here, little if any of it caused by jetskis or ATVs.

9. Well, dogs ARE carnivores.

10. I don't tag other people either. Wise decision.

2:15 PM  
Blogger Little Lamb said...

I don't like brussel sprouts either. I always considered them baby lettuces. until someone told me they were baby cabbages.

3:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like been sprouts stirred in light sesame oil and served as a side dish to Korean pan fried chicken or beef....

and yep'..the sound of jet skis kinda' whirrrrs inside the eardrums'...don' like that either...

uxie' doo'

6:47 PM  
Blogger iamnot said...

I love brussell sprouts...but I'm with you on most of the rest.

10:10 AM  
Blogger puerileuwaite said...

I won't hold it against you. Even though I now have Roy Orbison's "Crying" stuck in my head; plus never being able to watch HDTV again, despite the noticeably improved resolution and clarity.

11:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

k9 dawgie,
this is what the foam is starting to do in her free time...
remember the official free time just started this past friday..
1. going to the Y early to work out, taking kids so they can play in the pool..
2. laying by the pool reading a bit...while the kids play in the pool
3. working on finishing some drawings in the afternoon.....for better or for worse (ever wanna toss your artwork out the window?)
4. napping...
5. drawing again...

(i bought myself some oil pastels yesterday to supplement other drawing media i have already....luuuuuv them. i luv chalk pastels too...but the dust has a tendency to get to me).
I'm trying to work with media that is portable since i'm planning on being out and about a good deal. when i really get into the mixed media work that i luv to do i need to have my stuff mostly in one spot.

so. how's them chikkins and that thar veedeeoo?

1:56 PM  
Blogger the.red.mantissa said...

haha. yeah ... trout will not make it as a wildlife photographer! lol. but i'm with you on the 3 month thing. totally. as long as we don't hafta snack on deep fried tarantulas while we wait for the 'one that makes us famous' ... *grins*

and ... yep .. the sound of chainsaws in the forest reallllly pisses me off. grrrrrr.

love, me.

7:16 PM  
Blogger Infinitesimal said...

meaty post
meaty steak
eh, not so meaty to me.

regarding the latest at Red's.
he is kinda lika rash, just when you think you are rid of it... it crops back up again.
what can i say? I am bored, men are scarce round these parts.

He keeps begging me to take him home, but there is NO WAY I will let that happen, just walks by the lakes, it is something to do.

and I AM too generous.

He made me promise (on the phone) not to bring up his confession tho, haha.
hahaHAHA (sly master of the psy. 'member that?)

I have a postcard I been meaning to send to you too!

7:48 PM  
Blogger she said...

xdell: i said why matt damon "annoys me greatly" that movie the talented mr ripley! NYC: the noisiest place on earth. i always get a room off the street, wear earplugs and take an ambien if i have to. cars! i'd love to read an xdell essay on cars...while trapped at the kennedy center for total emersion. (ive got a lafe jacket, so im ready)

lamby: of course not you eat lamsydoats and ivy

lux you can trun anything into an interesting meal. but still i would hesitate at the deadly brussels

iamnot: even tommy lee jones and burt????

PW: now im "crying" too. damn it! you gave me an orbison virus. now i need post cataract surgery eyeglasses and some ill fitting black clothing. grrrr

foamy: mr she said my video was boring. im so wounded, so crushed that i havent returned to editing. NOT!! im regrouping baby. wait til i get my oscar for short film. boy am i gonna stick it to hime then. grrherhaha

red: im tired of florida now. i miss trout. shes at home. i miss the hens too.

vanille: you cant understand it. they too old for you. but since youve seen mr she think: hes a little bit like TLJ and burt isnt he?? dont hate me ladies, but it is true.

8:05 AM  
Blogger Enemy of the Republic said...

My niece is in love with Matt Damon. Why? He is ugly and boring. However, he came close to acting in the Departed, but my dislike of him was fed accordingly by the ending.

Where's Eric Bana? Daniel Craig? Hugh Jackman? Ralph Fiennes? Hell, I would do them all. Man, did I write that? No, I didn't. But I still would--individually, not collectively.

9:38 AM  
Blogger Infinitesimal said...


so are you.

that blogger hammer?

yeah, he owns a store where TLJ shops, I shit you not, he shops there cuz hammer don't bother him none, just lets him shop (like a 7-11 type place i gather, you know, late night condom runs...)

mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivys.

I always though Burt Reynolds was yuck too... even in the younger years.

2:37 AM  
Blogger Aunty Belle said...

Uh...dern it--ya'll has too much fun when I'se off in the hinterlands.

Looky, She-dawg, TLJ is right on the money, oh, yeah...but Burt is too much of a cardboard prop, Matt Damon is the evil omen chile growed up, ya is s'possed ter eat Brusselsprouts when they is real small and tender, a car ought a git ya from heah to theah reliably, style is an extra, noise pollution? H9oney baby, then blowers nd edgers is keepin' mah teeeth on edge.

What else? Uh...Vanille done seen Mr. She? Do ya mean in real or photo? I'se jealous...send photo now.

An' red meat--yep, hearin' that too. In Spain I had somethin' too good not to share wif ya':

Get a stone real real hot, dip a fillet of fish/veal/beef/pork in green olive oil and lay it on that hot stone, top wif a sprig of yore favorite herb, and do not overcook.

Then if meat fish, pour a little bit of hot cream over gorgonzola cheese until it makes a sauce and drizzle over the meat. If fish, heat cream then add a spoon or two of fresh lemon juice fer ya sauce.

An' doan bother wif no sensitivty trainin'--jes' use good manners with folks even when ya hate em (ted kennedy is worth hatin').

Ya's tired of florida? Well, now, that mayhap is a good sign of homesickness....shure glad ya came
and the blog summit were so fine.

Gotta go sleep off some more jet lag.

10:11 AM  
Blogger she said...

enemy: i think you've got bana covered!! daniel craig? nay. ralph fienes? AYFKM? did you see his whining sniveling in the english patient? file that one under "how not to behave at a dinner party" yeah yeah i know its just a role but he's a little too prissy for me. and, hugh jackman is gay. i guess that makes me a "homophobe" to some, but i cant help it. what can ya do. thanks for your recent 8 you sent. iliked it. good to see ya girl.

vanille (and aunty) main, i take a lotta heat, a lotta heat for my burt love. i see logically all the reasons why he is "cardboard" and "yuck" but what can i do? it's chemistry, and that aint no joke.

vanille: thank you much. i bet hammer dont appreciate it as i would but then again familiarity breed contempt so better he should remain the mysterious and unatainable TLJ. and, not one lady hath disagreeth on him.

aunty no offense i is tired of florida. i miss trout too. (also mr she but i dont worry about him like i do my "child")

if the meat fish....thats great aunty. welcome home

12:50 PM  
Blogger Infinitesimal said...

Uh yeah, actually
I can see
the Burt and Tommy Lee
in Mr. She.
Promise me
that he

does not wear a FREAKING gold medallion and PINKY ring for God's sake.

Come on!!

1:01 AM  
Blogger exskindiver said...

5 guys cuter than matt damon (funny)
the smirk on george-the-metrosexual's face (funnier)
red meat, the new tylenol (funniest)

wait. i have a headache--hon? can you fix me a steak?

psssst! you want a tag? heeheehee

9:36 PM  

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