home alone

with a Nikon CoolPix, HDTV, and photoshop.

Mayden left and i turned my attention to She-Daddy's new HDTV. like a baby sea turtle on a desperate mission homeward, i headed immediately to the Discovery HiDef theatre channel. With a glass of dry bubbly in hand, i settled into "winged migration" the most insanely beautiful TV i have ever seen. 120 minutes of birds flying all over the world. half the time i couldn't tell if it was real or a bunch of industrial light and magic. either way it proved to be a treasure trove of imagery to crib and reconfigure into compositions i can use for the juicy 40x40 inch canvases waiting for me in the ATL studio.

it's tricky shooting the TV cause there's going to be a broadcast moire about every 3 seconds or so. still, the images can be overlayed or combined with my own photography from the beach to create a satisfying composition.

sometimes just a straight shot cropped and tweaked in the hue/saturation filter is enough to create a decent starting place for a canvas. this is an image i can see painted in sheer layers with a ton of build-up and glassy finish. i like the blurred areas and have been thinking all night about how to get that look in paint. and thank God! because for about 3 solid days my mind has played steely dan's "razor boy" 24/7.

nice potential painting, 'cept varnished black paint gets mirror-like and that's BAD.

the rain has finally arrived and it looks like time to head to the beach for the change in atmosphere. but tonight i will return to creative endeavors and grilled salmons on the QV salad, and maybe a pina colada in honor of:

drive safely grrrrrrrrrrl.

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Blogger Pink said...

wow. cool photos...i need to give that a go...got the same camera as you. aweeeesoooome

and the pina colada looks mighty fine

12:46 PM  
Blogger foam said...

i love all those photos, but esp. the one with those elongated skinny penguins. and of course, the mayden fair looks fetching in the chicory hat....

re: your answer to my comment below..
you do know how to get my goat, dont cha? haha..

12:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so, that's what those long skinny birdies are...storks..lol...
i'm obviously not much of a birdologist..
the last time i saw a stork, as far as i can remember, it was roosting on top of a chimney in morocco

1:34 PM  
Blogger iamnot said...

Love your talent.

1:44 PM  
Blogger X. Dell said...

I've seen HDTV in stores. I think, "This must have what it was like in 1949, when people first oohed and ahhed over televisions." The experience was incredible. The picture was just way too eerie for me. I think it will be years before I finally get one.

2:25 PM  
Blogger she said...

pink: you'll love it..all the happy accidents! welcome to the ICD. (imperial colony of dogtown)

foamy: the very rare hardly seen skinny penguins grrherhaha
goat? or wad? nevermind.

*jus kiddin*

iamnot: looking forward to your three posts on visual language will comment tonight. and thank you.

xdell: i cant get over it. its amazing. probably years before i have my own too. but in the meantime im soakin it up watching planet earth. theres not that much programming for it yet. some news is HD but who wants to see some of these jokers super clearly? *shudder*

3:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where the red and yellow light streams in
through the glass high above and the walls tell the story of all. They stand staff in hand. Weary boned. Their shells dangle.

5:30 PM  
Blogger she said...

anon good peligrina!

5:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Luxie doo'

6:08 PM  
Blogger exskindiver said...

love the photos.
thanks for watching--er... enduring my video...hehehe...can't you just see cora doing it?
i noticed you under the hat in kate's site.
love the mysteriousness. (is that even a word?)

8:43 PM  
Blogger puerileuwaite said...

Psychedelic! What was in those drinks?

6:20 AM  
Blogger she said...

luxious: hey now whats goin on with the big change? you sound excited over at your page. thanks for stopping by.

exskindiver: yes i think mayden would be a natural at the music video thing. i know she had a camera...maybe you will see her art film on the giant gopher turtle soon. YOU were excellent on your video. just excellent. good to see ya.

PW: just the colada...with an extra shot of 151 floating on top.
looks innocent enough but you get back out in the sun and whammy/

6:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

amazing pics,
especially that black,
blue and yellow abstract

nude bird descending a staircase :)


8:36 AM  
Blogger Mayden's Voyage said...

See- there you go...thinking outside the box- I never would have thought to take a picture of an image on the TV! :) It's great.
I would like to do my own version of MST 3K on video though- using clips from the latest James Bond flick. I've always got silly ideas- now I have to come up with the puppets :) The kids said they would help! :)

7:58 AM  
Blogger she said...

/t: you got that right marcel! dodo birds? how about dada birds?

coe-ruh: uh oh i see lots of danielle craigs comin. still thinking of your hilarious imitation of the builder. grrherhaha

3:41 PM  
Blogger the.red.mantissa said...

kewl girl. kewl. like that pic of mayden.

7:13 PM  
Blogger Jack K. said...

Very fine photos. I am envious of your skills.

7:35 PM  

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