the nature dog weighs in on "Zeitgeist the Movie"

"When people stop believing in God, they don't believe in nothing, they believe in anything."
- GK Chesterton

I watched the internet sensation "zeitgeist the movie" last night since there is no tv or radio in chickory's north georgia mountains. I would link it but you don't need a link, its everywhere...i recommend seeing it at the actual site so you can see the source list of authors he footnotes to vet the ideas expressed in the film. ( i say "he" because the director of the movie isn't readily apparent.) Do a google search on those sources "he" names. It's fun!

I loved the movie. It reminded me of when i used to stay up late and listen to the art bell radio show, a program i truly miss. but even more it reminded me of my atheist period, my mid to late twenties, when i discovered the books "None Dare Call it Conspiracy"; Hal Lindsay's " The Late Great Planet Earth" and of course the classic "Secrets of the Federal Reserve", a book stocked by the dozens in a closet at my parents' home; presumably to be handed out to spread the word of the dark times to come.

"Zeitgeist the movie" is like the visual version of these books and it is highly entertaining. although i have to say the scare montage of the world at war at the beginning made me feel a bit like i was trapped in a baddiwad dream with my droog Alex, eyes pried open until i was poogly and fully on board with the new ideology. noam sayin? grrrherhahaha

the content of "zeitgeist the movie" is a well-traveled road, one in which the central point is religion, and more specifically, Christianity, is the root of all suffering and darkness in the world. No mention is ever made about the correlation of atheism to human suffrage...i believe the body count for past century alone is some where in the 200 million range, helmed by poster-boy free thinkers Stalin and Mao who murdered their own people.

History does NOT support the primary thesis of this movie which is if only us dumb-ass sheeple wouldnt cling to our primitive notions about a Creator, the world would be a utopia. Nor does the film ever acknowledge what history DOES support: which is countries based on Judeo-Christian foundations offer the broadest range of freedoms for greatest amount of individuals.

Whoever made this movie and claims that they are connected to the natural world, has failed to see an essential truth in nature which is that human beings are capable of hideous acts regardless of faiths or other affiliations.

Another one of the themes is that Christians are so obsessed by the "end of the world" that they seek to actually bring it about by creating wars to validate the bible. or wait. was it that the wars are for the bilderburgers and sneaky forest owls behind the conference tables at the council on foreign relations, and skull and bones groomed leaders, and rockerfellers and jews to get rich so they can build the one world government? who can keep these difficult contradictory positions straight? End the world? Rule the world? decisions, decisions!

What is remarkable is that some of the same arguments above, as well as warnings about how the government is going to microchip us and make us into slaves, are similar to those favored by christian fundamentalists, the very ones the movie asserts are behind the world-ending totalitarian grip. grrrherhaha!

let me give you my take on the end of the world:

"i believe in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. As it Was in the Beginning, is Now and ever shall Be. WORLD WITHOUT END."

i am reminded of a great New Yorker cartoon that i cut out and saved. It showed a man shouting into a telephone saying "Joan? Don't listen to Joan! She's a control freak! Now lemme tell you what to do......"


its about the same thing with Zeitgeist the movie. i say beware of any program that tells you "everything you know is a lie" (NOAM saying, literally) and then promises to tell you THE truth. right here on the internet. grrrherhahaha.

There are some excellent observations made in the movie, some of which i heartily agree with, but the logic is often flawed, so much so that you could drive one of those mexico-to-canada-trucks-on-the evil-Belgian/Spanish-owned superhighway right through it's holes. (and by the way i agree that the north-american EU model sucks and should be fought vigorously)

I don't have enough time to go through all the sections, so i am going to talk about the first part where they boil down all faiths (except Islam, curiously) as being rip offs of egyptian Sun God stories. But before that, i have to jump to the end of the film where we are told we are divine and have all the power at our own hands...that we are, in fact, Gods. this is another old idea, a very convenient old idea. its kind of weird though if you believe that we evolved out of the primordial soup. from where does this divine aspect of our nature come? I do believe in evolution, but i believe it to be a construct of the creator and that our shot at "higher ground" comes from seeking the divine, not claiming to be divine. and if the people who embrace "zeitgeist the movie" as THE truth are divine, i wish they'ed get up off their asses and Save Us from ourselves. and, has anybody ever noticed how pissed these divine creatures are? i thought divinity would look and act all peaceful. i dont think divine creatures would be barking at us for being dumb sheeple if we don't get on board with them. i think divine creatures would trust that we would arrive at the truth at some point! grrrherhaha

"Zeigeist the movie" tells us that religion is merely warmed over astrology. that the Son of God is really the Sun, the light giving celestial body that "dies" every evening and is "risen" every morning. Okay. but at the same time, the movie tells us that religion has separated us from our connection with nature. really? cause if our faiths are based on the movements of celestial bodies then i would say that's pretty damn connected up with nature. now here is a place where i could write for a few solid days on faith and its connection to nature, but i believe i will let the art i have posted here and elsewhere speak to that; at least in my case. of course i would make the argument that by choosing Catholicism i have decided to drive on hi-test and have also decided that the Order of Natural Law is the foundation on which my entire personal construct is built.

I would love to write on about "Zeitgeist the movie"...the unvettable backstories of Horus and Krishna and Dionysus, the 9/11 inside job insanity...but i hear the waterfall calling my name, and my hound baying on the ridge. time to go out and be a part of that natural world. But i would leave this final thought...I had this horse once...always looking for boogeymen and monsters in the shrubs. as a result...you couldn't really enjoy a trail ride with her. i got another horse. grrrherhahaha

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

am waiting
for the mothership
to come and carry us all
back to the distant stardust
from whence we all cometh... maybe another shot of this koolade...


3:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

/t: grrrherhaha! kool-aid? or tequilaid?!! the mothership.i think thats the louis farakkhan wing of the nut house. whatever happened to the fathership?

4:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wellie Wellie Wellie WELL!

I wonder how many people (sheeple?) know what a droog is, or a bilderburg.

Really? the 'rents had a CLOSETful of conspiracy books? So are you Rebelling by being a Catholic?

check you at the milk bar.

I'll be the old lady with the purple hair.



Wouldn't Louis Farrakhan be waiting for the Brothership?

6:37 PM  
Blogger ArtfulSub said...

Of course they won't insult the Warlord Mohammed or the "religion" currently called "islam".

As for the "Christianity rips off ancient myths" slogan-chant, it's laughable at best.

They MAKE THINGS UP about MYTHS to make them seen vaguely related to Christianity.

My personal favorites are the "Jesus Copied Mirthra" things that appear on dnc.com and moveon.org.

Yo, Mirthra was born in a manger to a virgin bride, yo!"

Actually, every valid Pre-Christian Mirthra Story has him formed a Fully Adult Male from a Rock. No "mother" is ever mentioned.

"Yo, Christians, like copied, like Mirthra's birthday, yo."

No birthday for Mirthra was ever celebrated. The idea to celebrate Christ's probable March birthday at the Winter Solstice came some 1200 years after anyone "worshipped" Mirthra.

"Yo, that Mirthra dude like, yo, died on a Cross, yo."

There isn't a single Mirthra story that mentions anything about dying on a Cross.

9:32 PM  
Blogger SJ said...

I think the similarities between religions of the world is unlike now they were willing to learn from each other's experiences.

However all this is a waste of time the Scientologists have figured it all out - you'll get Cruise-ship. :) :)

9:42 PM  
Blogger Bird said...

" ...has failed to see an essential truth in nature which is that human beings are capable of hideous acts regardless of faiths or other affiliations."

my thoughts exactly she.

neither religion nor atheisim nor agnosticism can shirk from their responsibility - we've all contributed to the gutting of humanity.

and we've all contributed to its glory as well.

ah, things are never cut-and-dried, black-and-white.

excellent post!

8:52 AM  
Blogger Aunty Belle said...

She-Pup, youse dangerous when ya' git up in them cohuttas. This one is nailed. Case closed.

Of course they's thinkin' man is god. Man can self-ascend and become his own puny god. Doan be surprised at this thought--remember the garden of Eden? That serpent tole' Eve and Adam: "Ye shall be as gods" ....it is the most ancient lie, but "modern" folks fall fer it again.

One fine mind said "Christianity has not been tried and found wanting, no, it has been tried and found difficult" Amen.

Modern wussies doan wanna do no hard work---like lookin' in one's soul and resolvin' ter pull the weeds in his own garden of eden.

Well well done She-Pup.

BTW, You-know-who left a smelly pile on mah Back porch, I hosed most of it away, but he done left a little pile fer the Dawg too...I splashed a little clorox on it, but ya might wanna take the pressure washer to it.

9:27 AM  
Blogger foam said...

she dawgy....
i'll be back later..
this post is waaaaay long, highly interesting, i got half way through and want to read it again. the afternoon is beautiful. i'm a gonna be outside contemplating the divine in nature.

10:20 AM  
Blogger she said...

vaniiiile: grrherhaha! i will bring the ovaltine. yes they still have stacks of secrets of the federal reserve...i think i recall Mayden mentioning that there was some "interesting reading" in her guest room. i think it's "blue hair", vanille.
the brothership....grrherhaha!

artfulsub: i didnt know anything about mirthra, never even heard of him. but i know a little about Horus..i know he was worshipped much longer than the movie says...there was an elder Horus (the sky God) and then the Horus the movie is talking about (the sun God)...thing is, the Elder Horus, the sky god, has the sun disc as his symbol too. and, im pretty sure horus didnt die of a crucifixion...but i know his mom was Isis who fashioned a fake dick out of rock for osiris after he was torn to bits and thrown in a river. the point being if Horus is a virgin birth then why did Isis bother mounting the rock?.

its frustrating because theres real critical issues right out in the open for us to address as a nation..we dont even need conspiracies to have a full plate rotten shyt the government is trying to pull.

i thought the most interesting part of the whole thing was this statement " Christianity
serves to detach the species from the natural world" and then goes on the spell out all the ways we built a myth around natural phenomena!

i loved the part about the constellations though...the three kings are orions belt, where the sun is in the winter solstice...all that. neat things to consider for imagery some day.

sj: i think there is still an open minded sharing of structures...last year i read the Gita and parts of the book of the dead....i think theres wisdom contained within them all, and more than a little symmetry.

CRUISESHIP! now thats good. i didnt see any mention of volcano-dweller Xenu in Zeitgeist the Movie..but i did see in the national enquirer (a gossip rag) that women in scientology do not have cellulite!

boydie! good to see you on your old migratory path. that's just it...the nature of existence isnt black n white cut and dried... i loved LOVED that you added:

"and we've all contributed to its glory as well."

that's the right attitude. thanks boyed!

aunty: it was fall like in the morning. i went over to the new chi chi development before the gates go up and looked at the lots on the tip top...four mountain ranges...tennessee. NC and to the south as well. the grade of the road going up there was insane. they wont be going anywhere when it ices.

well, i couldnt paint aunty. so i watched the movie. i kept thinking about jerome and francis and the hall of animals the paintings the symbolism of natural forms the canticles the love of life and living things and i couldnt figure out how the director arrived at that cut off from nature thing.

"difficult" is generous. grrherhaha. and thanks aunty! i'll be along to see about that pile.

foamy: hell no you gotta bake a pie grrrrrl! or draw. its your day off, i understand!

2:56 PM  
Blogger X. Dell said...

Zeitgeist is causing a stir because it speaks to a general perception that something is wrong about organized religion. I agree with you that the truth it attempts to supplant is falacious, and that atheism can often seem as strict a dogma as fundamentalism. Nevertheless, I think the flick's success has more to do with people being unable to articulate exactly what they see is potentially irresponsible, dangerous, or perhaps even wicked, about blind faith.

I have all of those books, by the way.

9:56 PM  
Blogger she said...

xdell: i agree fully with your comment. its funny because i do not consider myself to be religious or organized. i am however, catholic. and that word speaks to way of being. its good to see you!

7:37 AM  
Blogger Pete Bogs said...

how goes, droog? welly welly welly welly well!

I still need to watch this - I watch a lot of movies but only watch video in short clips online... too long to sit at a computer and not be typing... I need a DVD of this!

there is indeed a group of people who want to bring about the return of JC - I forget what they're called... Moyers did a thing about them...

Islam not mentioned? no treastise on religion's negative impact on the world would be complete without at least one mention of the faith of peace... maybe the film's producers were afraid of getting the Theo van Gogh treatment???

8:04 AM  
Blogger boneman said...

Haven't seen Zeitgeist yet, but if it's just another mockumentary, I'll pass.
On the other hand, as for the connection of the Jewish God and the Egyptian God being one and the same, well, that is derived from the time when men first started writing.
There are actualy two (maybe more, heck, I dunno....I ain't no expert on it) ancient relics that point to exactly that.
One is the stone of Hamarabi (maybe the spelling's bad, but, most historians can take your hand and find it...) which depicts a being from the sun (presumably) handing down laws that are strangely in tune with the ten commandments. Mind you, though, this here rock was carved up some century and days before the tide of Jews leaving Egypt.
And, two....just before they left Egypt, from the plains of Canaan (again, I think this is right...heck, my history book (yeah, I have a history book! I have about three tha have served me well over time) is to home and I'm here at Steve's workplace) came a relief sculpture of a sun-like being giving laws to a pharoah.....again, the laws almost the mimic of the ten commandmentrs, except, as before, the predecessor by about half a century.

Now, I noticed that you pointed out one of the contrary things about the bible, which, fer yer arguement, doesn't show real well.
Oh, those are the words, alright, only the question is more to the tune of who wrote the "extra" parts....
"...world without end" does not fit with what we learn later about how the "old earth will pass away."

oh, shoot! Not a cotton-pickin contradiction!?!?
Not in the BIBLE!?!?

Oh, fizzletwillips!
(hey, if you can droog, I can fizzlewillip)

(and, don't ask, cause I don't know...)

I am more of the mind that ALL the religions are right...
Even the made up ones.
What greater CREATOR could y'ask for, anyway?

9:13 AM  
Blogger iamnot said...

With nothing left to believe in, they can only worship themselves.

Didn't their mothers tell them that would make them go blind?

10:05 AM  
Blogger she said...

bogshond: that would be smart thinking on their part! re: poor theo. they dont want to inflame a fatwah. grrherhaha

boney: good to see ya stranger! er...well with "world without end"...i am thinking in less finite/physical world terms, earth terms.... yes there are plenty some of things im in disagreement with the bible about...er,,,at that marilyn manson concert the evangelists there assured me i would be burning in hell for getting off the trail. i'll give it my best shot. i tend to think some are illustrative allegorical stories rather than literal but of course i could be horribly incorrect. now that sun god handing down the science...that sounds like the annunaki again. vaniiiillle wrote a lot about that...it was a great series.

iamnot: grrrherhaha! i hope you had a...how to say it...a chore free weekend. ;-)

12:02 PM  
Blogger Mayden' s Voyage said...

She- this post is great...even if I have no idea what a droog is- and there are a few other words I need to look up too! :)

I haven't seen the movie. Not sure I can stomach much more than Monty Python and Baseball these days to be truthful- even the weather channel is pissing me off of late. (We need a Limbaugh weather program- no doom and gloom-sun is good, rain is good, pray for those who are getting too much sun and too much rain. You know what I mean :)

Your point about taking issue with the movie stating we are all Divine beings, yet we evolved from single cells that slopped out of the primordial soup- is brilliant. BRILLIANT!

Yes- yes...explain when the Divine was developed, and why monkeys don't have this quality?

Actually (dear Lord- help...I might be on a roll here!)- I'll tell you who is Divine...Dolphins!
Dolphins and maybe dogs :) (and perhaps birds?)

And hey- those Dolphins are STILL in the water! grrrhahahahaha!

I'm kind of teasing here- but honestly- nothing puts THE THRILL OF GOD in me more than seeing those Dolphins glide out the water-and sail over the waves...the only thing better for me (I think) would be to see a whale.

Now- I say all of this knowing that none of the above mentioned mammals have anything to do with the Trinity- or organized religion- and yet those creatures, who are lesser than me (supposedly) point to a Creator who is wildly beyond my imagination. Period.

Loved the horse story~ ;)

12:44 PM  
Anonymous SeaRabbit said...

I'mm now very curious about this movie...Going for a hunt... ;-)
Thanks for sharing!

12:59 PM  
Blogger the.red.mantissa said...

1. The line from that prayer, which is the glory be, btw, does not mean the world will not end ... it means "I believe ..." whether or not the world ever ends. It was never intended to tell us the world will have no ending.

2. Knocking belief systems by doubting their title as religions (i.e. '..."religion" currently called "islam" ...') really hinders the entire discussion, as opposed to helping it.

I have to just catch a thought that came into my head ~ to me Christian and Islamic fundamentalists seem about on par - completely bastardizing a believe system ... just a thought to throw out there.

3. re: "Christianity
serves to detach the species from the natural world"

Many take issue with the stance that the non-human lifeforms of planet earth exist for human purposes. I'd say that implication, that sentiment has, indeed, detached us from the natural world.

The Bible apparently says its ok for us to rape and plunder mother earth and all her animal creatures - that's what the average person thinks. So, how to resolve this? Coz, I myself, have trouble swallowing that one. Its pure BS, IMHO.

We all possess a soul, I believe. You tell me that dog of yours has no soul, and I'll tell you to go smoke some more of that crack pipe! grrrrrhereherherhaha.

You get my point - there is some part of each life created by God that has divinity - what else defines us as living entities, I mean, separate and apart from inanimate objects, and the dead? That divine part of ourselves. Lol, but likely that's not what this flick meant.

4."man does no greater evil that when he does it in God's name"

Know who said that? I'll let you figure it out. Its true ... religion - all of them - has been used throughout history to wage some of the ugliest carnage. In that respect, no religion is exempt. And, let's face it, Christianity must take a hit or two for all the suffering and darkness it caused.

5. As far as rating religions ~ there appears to be some underlying sentiment in your post that points to the superiority of Christianity ~ its like rating the taste of fruit. You may think pineapple rocks, and for you that's true ... but not necessarily for everyone. One man's truth = another man's folly. And so, whomever in this comment page mentioned that all religions are 'true' ... in a way has the right idea. Perception is the source of truth, for each of us.

So, who are any of you to imply that Islam is anything less than Christianity? Its insidious thinking like that which generates faux conspiracy BS like this in the first place!

For heaven's sake. Believe what ya want, just stop telling others their prayin' to a prophet you consider a warlord!

No one goes around citing the Holy Spirit as being a pedophile (that's what its called these days when grownups f*ck 16 year old girls without their knowledge (and hence, consent) these days ain't it?), do they? I know, that sounds awful - [Its made me feel so dirty even contemplating the thought that I must go and say a few hail marys cleanse myself (crazy, or what?)] - so, I don't think being a devout Muslim and hearing all that verbal vomit about Mohammed would feel any differently. Sorry, that's a monstrous peeve of mine ~ TOLERANCE!

Ours is not to judge ... simply to live and love. And yeah, that hard.

6. About the historical stuff and sh1t about the stars ... I have little clue specifically, but know enough to think that there's really no such thing as original religious legends, myths, etc ... much of what we believe has some connection to some long forgotten or obscure legend from some far off myths of long ago. Anyone who's read the Divine Comedy will know that God - the Supernal - is depicted as the sun in the Paradiso. Just sayin ...

Also, it strikes me that we all just fail to grasp the concepts ... of most religious doctrines and holy books. Like ... the story of creation. Are we such dumbasses, that we fail to see its more mystical interpretation? For Heaven's sake - even St. Augustine could see that one ... hundreds of years ago! We have devolved into stupid, obtuse, concrete, pre-operational thinkers. GRRRRRRHERHERHERHAHAHA. IMHO.

7. About atheism. Its a dogma, too. The thing that strikes me about atheism is how it does not buoy a person when they feel like life sucks and they are "done." I mean, what's to stop them from ending it all? Nothing. That's the thing, I think that resonates with me ... given a recent personal experience I have.

8. I hafta watch this flick now. And then, y'all know what that means, don't ya? Yup. Then I'll be forced to write about it ... Maybe when I do, you will finally make me a meaty comment, like this one I am now making for you! Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

9. interesting post.

10. I find it amusing how so many people are so apt to believe a load of crap simply b/c its marketed as some sort of conspiracy theory. Its tired, already ... we are so busy making shit up that we fail to see the real conspiracies that have and continue to take place - right in front of our eyes.

11. I am only 8 or so weeks away from completion. Now building my 'professional' website ... its way too much fun and lotsa work, too. About to start photoshop and all that jazz (finally, a break from {if ... then ... else} ...!)

How's yours going ... I was thinking about you and your building your site, the other day when I was explaining XML and all that database nonesense to someone (a non-nerd, shall we say).

I love the stag. He's cute. Tell him to stay away from those nasty hunters. I wonder if Mr. Mantissa would let me have a stag for a pet? Hmmmmm ...

love to you. best wishes for a gr8 week and good luck with your show prep. don't be a stranger, k?


5:59 PM  
Blogger she said...

WTF??? red!

that IS meaty. hell its an entire steak house with a side of mashed. er....i never said half the stuff youre talkin bout...s'okay though. i will be back too, but i am too tired to do it right, i don't know how you get this stuff out so thouroughly like you do...grrherhahaha......but you, my doe, will receive a visitation of the physical concrete kind very shortly.

fer rotties sake grrrrrrrrrrrrl grrherhahaha xo good to see ya red!

mayden: thanks...i think dolphins (or do you mean bottle-nosed porpoises?) are divine. in fact im converting to Finism. eeeee eeeee eeeee eeeee eeeee eeeeeee *swoop* *jump* splash* repeat*

creator wildly beyond creation...cool mayden. er....thats where i was going with the world without end....uh...who the hell knows? we cant see past ourselves for five seconds...worlds without us are still worlds..nobody ever said NUTHIN bout what/which world...did they? lets hope it includes dolphins!


searabbit: its a fun 2 hours. i look forward to hearing your thoughts.

7:15 PM  
Blogger the.red.mantissa said...

i wrote that comment after reading the post and all the other comments. so, what i said there maybe is in response to one of the comments ... not necessarily to your actual post

... thanx for the visit ...

today feels like the kind of day tha requires loads of macie-cheese, with some tomatoes from my garden tossed in for good measure ...

stay outta trouble, pup

9:02 AM  
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