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i am sorry for all the cut and paste but there are some damn interesting comments out there. i have been worried about this NorthAmericanUnion for the longest time. friends of this blog (reverend X, aunty, american hillbilly, xdell) who have directed me to various links and shows in the past are way ahead of me on this particular idea. I would like to know what all of you think about this:


from "bear 1909" off a comment section on the bailout at Michelle Malkin
only one group of politicos and capitalists in this country are responsible for the decapitation strike on our economy using foreign labor as their battleaxe:
They have set the stage for a massive shorting of the Euro. And it will be followed by a rise in the dollar, a temporary fix to reinflate valuations of real estate, for the purpose of drawing down more dollars from the Bailout Trough. Then it will be time to re-short the dollar, deflate values of those of us still holding our own paid for properties (please tell me you are not holding a mortgage that is less than 2 years old), and reset our currency into some “guaranteed” new fiat currency that allows the national economic border to disappear altogether.

They have already conditioned us at the “Monkey Mind” level to accept a new currency by changing the look of the American currency. If you are not headbutting your Monkey, you will be in for a real surprise to find that when the currency changes to reflect a North American Union economic block, you will hold only 50 per cent of the net worth you hold today. Values will be reduced downward after a major surge upward. You have approximately 18 months.

If illegal immigration is a problem for our financial system, then the Globalist solution will be to change the economic sovereignty of the USA to accomodate it. The TransNational Highway land grab is nearly complete north to south, east to west in the Central belt from Texas to Canada. The Globalist Agenda is a done deal: protect your wealth now. Changing politicians minds is a foregone conclusion. They are all on board.
I repeat: “….and hell followed with him.” Take your pick of either ticket. The only difference is where we will be fighting IslamoFascism- here in the USA or where they live overseas. Everything else: Globalist Agenda.
Bear1909 out.


grrrrrrherhahahaha. i love this reading this stuff.

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Blogger The Troll said...

Frankly, I think it complicates the issue-of-the-hour and links our side with a wide array of long-winded conspiracy theorists. People who've jumped on to our side on this for some reason that doesn't include rational analysis. But they believe just as fervently that Bush blew up the World Trade Center, Kennedy was killed by Space Aliens from New Mexico, and a host of other pure bullshit.

The issue-of-the-hour is the Bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, negligence by all the democrat members of the Senate Banking Committee, and probably criminal negligence by Senators Schumer and Dodd and Congressman Barney Frank.

I'd rather focus on THAT and leave the examination of the Trans-Global-Highway for another day.

3:28 PM  
Blogger K9 said...

good point troll. and it is criminal negligence - but do you hear anyone talking about that? report after report and very little about the role barney and chris and chuckie and every democrat that demanded everyone be given a home they could not afford. while i dont believe that Bush did 9/11 i do believe our government on both sides work together against us and lie to us incessantly.

but like i said at the end of this post - i like reading all the possible scenarios. its better than most books.

4:02 PM  
Blogger Reverend X said...

Bush did it. Examine the evidence. Kennedy was taken out by the CIA. I know nothing of aliens, but I am an expert on bullshit.

You wanna know the reason for this? I put it into words at APA. But you ain't gonna like it. Nor will you heed my advice to just enjoy the show for a while. It's something we will hopefully never get to see again.
I'm not saying I am not actively trying to fight the good fight, but at this point John Connors is in the mountain bunker. SkyNet has become self aware and brought Armageddon. Humanity should rest, the struggle begins soon. Oh, and we all have to wait for the 4th one to be released.
I'll ask you to bear in mind one thing while you scoff at my latest post... Have I been wrong yet? Damn I wish I was now.

Before you go off, two things. "Come what may, my mind is calm" is the best thought before a fight and I really do vet my info before I speak.

5:12 PM  
Blogger boneman said...

Too long.
I try to keep with my simple rule.
Not to comment longer than the post itself.
You have made that quite difficult.

How about this.

Don't listen to the doomsday salesmen.
FM&FM are buying BOTH sides of the aisle, and own them in full.
If you had stock in doomsday salesmen, then you are rich, now.

You asked a question at my blog, let's see if I can answer it and your question here, too.

Some folks are really scared of the future.
Don't be.
Those young folks that are listenning to th epoison in the air right now are going in directions they didn't think through, have no experience in, and have no real idea of where they'll end up by doing so.
But someone has told them, 'do this and think this' and that is a crying shame.

Think for yourself.
Do the research. Don't just go where some (explitive deleted) tells you to go.

Nixon threw 'doomsday sales' at us three times, did you know that?
Commies from within, the dominoe effect, and crime from within.
What a mind. Come up with 'super conspiracies ' like that!
Beats the Kennedy conspiracies all to bunk, but then YOU'DE HAVE TO HAVE LIVED THROUGH THAT to know....wouldn't you?
Meanwhile, children that have been brainwashed spit out their drivel about this or that, without experience, without knowledge other than what they've been fed.

Will Rogers, one smart Republican...said, it's easy to tell a lot about a man who only reads one newspaper.

My invite to you is, stop listenning, do your own research, and decide for yourself.

Heck, if you make a wrong choice based on what someone else told you to do or say, then how would you be any better than those who followed a. hitler?

And, by the way, that's exactly how he got his own start.

5:46 PM  
Blogger The Troll said...


That says more about the leftist-controlled media than it does about the situation at hand.

And, again, getting us distracted by side-issues is PRECISELY what the media and the left want right now.

You're right about almost all politicians lying at times, of course. But how do you react to that?

1) Believe in every conspiracy and attempt to rectify every real and imaginary problem including the murder of a President in 1963.

2) Treat every bad deed the same thus paying as much or more attention to a bridge in Alaska that was never actually built in the same manner as a probable TRILLION DOLLAR BAILOUT SCANDAL.

3) Rightfully conclude that power corrupts and a 34 million dollar bridge-to-nowhere is a problem but a TRILLION DOLLAR BAILOUT SCANDAL is a MUCH BIGGER PROBLEM.

6:17 PM  
Blogger The Troll said...

It just occured to me that Bonehead has never been factually correct about anything in his life. Will Rogers was a Democrat. All his life. Spoke often about it.

The fact that he's a brain-damaged retard and types like one prevented me from realizing that until now.

6:19 PM  
Blogger K9 said...

boney: i dont think considering what are the goals of the globalists as buying doomsday. i think it is paulson W bernake et all that are trying to sell the bailout with the threat of doomsday!

the comment i quoted in this post isn't outrageous. considering the amount of mortgages given to illegal aliens; the amount of help our gov. gives groups like la raza; and the immigration amnesty they tried to pass...its clear our G isnt working in our best interest.

my research is pretty broad from world newspapers to nutty as a fruitcake. sometimes the fruitcakes were vindicated.

revvy: youve had some good ones, its true. but i believe you said W would run a coup and become the dictator. but, we still have a few months to go.

6:22 PM  
Blogger The Troll said...

Hey Rev,

Provide concrete proof that "The CIA" killed Kennedy. I'll find that mildly interesting and if any of those responsible are still alive, I'd have a mild interest in seeing those old dudes punished.

And that would be about number 12,000 on my priority list. Because I'm sane.

If you can't provide concrete proof than you should probably start sentences with "I believe" rather than making declarative statements.

In the meantime, I will stay focused on the here-and-now and the clear-and-present-danger of the Trillion Dollar Bailout.

6:26 PM  
Blogger K9 said...

troll: i understand that the democrats are the architects of the debacle please allow me to have a hate on for the rinos who let them do it. what did you think of W's speech? i do not think he fleshed out the truth of why very well, did you?

6:35 PM  
Blogger K9 said...

btw troll: grrrrrrherherhahahaha! i see you changed your occupation.

6:38 PM  
Blogger The Troll said...


I didn't watch it. I don't see anything wrong with bashing RINOS and God knows I've been known to indulge.

But it's still a media manipulation thing to me. They CHOOSE which Republicans to go on TV.

Media Maggot: Did you VOTE to crack-down on Fannie and Freddie, Senator RINO?

RIN0: Well No. There never was a full Senate Vote. And I serve on the Agriculture Committee not the Banking Committee.


My question would be why don't they put the Republicans who were on the Banking Committee and DID vote to investigate Frannie and Freddie?

And the anwer is the media is an arm of the democrat party and want to obsucate the matter.

It's the same reason they keep dragging Pat Buchanan out-of-the-attic and portray him as a "Conservative Republican".

The truth, of course, is Pitchfork Pat isn't a Republican or a Conservative and is the first known person to become infected with Bush Derangement Syndrome.

That allows the media to say "Even Pat Buchanan disagrees with...."

When the truth is that Pat would disagree with anything any Bush says. Including the Bush Baked Beans people.

7:08 PM  
Blogger boneman said...

The fact that he's a brain-damaged retard and types like one prevented me from realizing that until now.

Your mother must be really proud.
Such intelligence.
I guess you've never heard Will Rogers speak. And, of course, having no idea of what kind of man he was, you spit out some tripe that you think is cute, or tough sounding.
You eat away at people if they have no service record, but, you're too chicken to go join the army because your lying POS presidential god-figure will keep you in WAY longer than the original contract says.

No, really...you have the balls to cheer on others into dying for your lame ass and you're too yellow to do the time yourself?
Why, you're the spitting image of Bush junior.

But then, if having an intelligent conversation with K9 means having to swim through your puke?
Forget it.

Grow up, child.

What's wrong with children with an opinion?
It's based on something they heard, not on something they know.

Will Rogers was a Republican, but, he was also a Democrat.

Listen to the words he used, not what someone told you about him.

8:43 PM  
Blogger Aunty Belle said...


Pup, youse a dang DAWG, girl. Does poor ole Aunty have to come in heah and defend herself from yore off key comparisons?

Looky, yes, Aunty has and does warn about North American Alliance/ Union/ Federation. Yes, Aunty has /does warn about them sly weasels like Clinton (both) who say out loud and plain that a "borderless" , "nation-less" world is their goal.

But dawg-friend, that ain't remotely in the ballpark wif the ravings of Revvy! (Sorry Rev, Aunty thinks youse a lovable, loony, curmudgeon, but we ain't philosophical kin, an' we both knows, doan we?)

Fer the record:
Aunty knows Islamic agents took down the Towers. Aunty knows Islam is the biggest threat--more than "aliens" (doan believe in 'em) or Bigfoot, or even Demoncrats.

Fer the Record:

Aunty thinks we SHOULD be in Iraq. The cost of not bein' thar' is higher than bein' thar' My profession (and others in the same loop) K N O W thar was WMDs, and even more to the point thar was and is still a BIGGER reason fer bein' in Iraq than can be said in normal yak. (Revvy, youse howlin' and yankin' yore wig, ain't'cha over that remark?? heh heh. )

Sometime tomorry I'll post up some stuff on the whole big picture, but fer now TROLL is on the mark--let's keep the focus.

Oh, an while I'se glad youse readin' one of my favorite curtain rippers, Spengler, I does need to mention he made a wee goof when he said housing prices had doubled since 1997, then the poor American homeowner took a bath when prices tanked 20 % ...uh, no.

The math: 1997 you buy bungalow fer 100k, it doubles, then in 2008 it plummets 20%. S'okay by me--cause' I'se still 60K to the good.

Spengler needs to brush up some--re-read his own demographic post of two weeks ago. Here is the housing reality for the USA:

UNlike Europe and China US population is growing. That is why capital flows to our shores. The pressure on housing is UPward because growing populations need shelter, AND the inner cities are in urban decay, and millions of housing units need to be replaced.

Furthermore, the housing price plunge will automatically check itself at the point whar' the cost of materials and labor cannot be lowered. Typical profit in a median priced home is 12-17 %.

After that "fat," what is left is "sticks and bricks" (the cost of materials) plus labor. Labor can go down some, but not material. The REST of the world is also competing fer material. This means there is a floor underneath which houses will not be built.

Now the fun begins:

Wealthy Europeans are flooding into the US, Canada, Australia and lesser degree some Latin American nations. They expect Eurabia to be their near future. Capital has to relocate. It will need homes and offices and warehouses. The 3-5 year outlook fer US real estate (Still WELL below European and Japanese real estate prices) is very good.

Consider: The US and Australia are willing to oppose Islam. The US has all the resources it needs within its own borders.

Now...Ain't sayin' it is so, but imagine the foreign money manipulators seein' the stupidity and weakness of Lehman an' AIG and smellin' blood--what would they do?

Sell short. Force them mortgage backed securities even lower and then swoop in and offer 3-50 cents on the dollar, that is, suck up prime US real estate...

oh wait, DANG! The president and others see that feint and realize that by using tax payers 700 BN that it "saves" US real estate for Americans, with maybe only a 15-20 % loss in the short run, and even in 3-5 years come even or gain.

Does this risk TOO much power in Paulsen's hands? oh yeah brother, it shure do...but akshully, Pup, it woan be Pauly, but the NEXT president's Treasury boy who gits all that say-so.

I hopes the congress puts in a dozen speed bumps....but I spent the afternoon in deep yak wif' brainy folks and looked whar' they pointed me.

I'se re-thought my original opposition to the bailout:

If we "let he chips fall" what it does is let the Euro/ Oriental speculators pick up our real Estate fer pennies on the dollar, an then sell it back to us'uns at double the price in 5 years. Or worse, keep it.

Thanky Pup fer lettin' me jaw in yore yard.

10:08 PM  
Blogger Anonymous Boxer said...

can I just say that I've been waiting ALL WEEK for Aunty to show up?

10:28 PM  
Blogger Reverend X said...

"The Globalist Agenda is a done deal: protect your wealth now. Changing politicians minds is a foregone conclusion. They are all on board."

Even though I agree with this in the most part, I find the wealth protection idea funny. You quated a person saying that the money in your wallet would be all you had if the bailout failed. Well, that paper is worthless if they say it is worthless and gold is heavy. I transfer my wealth into munitions at times like these. Bullets have a great resale value, especially in the face of a hostile take over.

"I repeat: “….and hell followed with him.” Take your pick of either ticket. The only difference is where we will be fighting IslamoFascism- here in the USA or where they live overseas. Everything else: Globalist Agenda."

And where the hell did this epilogue come from? I repeat, at no time did the Islamic world conspire to be sand poor serfs subjugated by a few Arab elites backed by the American Empire's legions and bombed into the stone age. This Burka Born Boogey Man is barely breathing let alone baring it's teeth and barking at us. For God's sake, threat evaluation usually involves proximity and transportation factors. Other side of world without boats ain't that bad. Look at the numbers of Blackwater Goons stationed on American Soil. Gee. There is a fully trained and equipped military in position within our borders. I'm gonna worry more about them.

That's my way of saying hi to Aunty. I Always love to see her, but she is right, we should prolly not be lumped into the same category... lol. We have truly opposite view points. But if you listen to both of us, and put your judgment someplace right between us, you prolly have a good benchmark on reality. No one is ever totally right and I hate hangin out with people who agree with me. So, Good to see you again.

You have not enlisted? You should. Give you a broader perspective. See focusing on this bailout is distracting you from what is really going on. 700 billion is nothing. On 9-10-01 Rumsfeld stood before Congress and admitted that the Pentagon had lost 2.3 trillion. That barely even made the news. Why? Cuz of what they did right in front of you! Watch the birdy, get the fist.
I'm not saying this is not huge, I'm just paranoid of what they are using this to cover up.

2:28 AM  
Blogger moi said...

I'm with Troll here. While, like the Rev, I am certain there are lots of nefarious deedings going on (although I do not buy that anyone but Islamic terrorists took down the towers), I think we need to focus on what we can reasonably change within the next 1-5 years. My concerns right now, and with all due respect to Aunty's very reasoned points, are:

1. NO to bailout.
2. Investigate and fine heavily.
3. Work towards dismantling the Federal Reserve and towards backing our dollars with something sound. Gold, platinum, Oscar de la Renta. Don't matter to me. No more fiat currency or we WILL fall to foreign purchase.
4. Get the heck out of Iraq to save money and put the troops where they are needed: Afghanistan and our own borders.

And, Aunty, while you know I share your beliefs about Islam, right now, I believe the greatest threat is internal. And that's where we need to concentrate the fight. Otherwise, what do we hold up to the rest of the world as an example?

6:09 AM  
Blogger The Troll said...

You can always count on spineless slogan chanters like the Rev to blame all the problems of the muslib world on American Foreign Policy.

It's like asking a parrot to say "Polly want a cracker".

Tell us, Rev. Why has there have never been an advanced brain-based Economy in a muslib-run Nation? Why has there never been a Constitutional Democracy in the muslib World? Why were the vast majority of muslibs living in dire poverty under horrific Governments BEFORE America had ANY troops in muslib lands? For that matter, why was it like that BEFORE THERE WAS AN AMERICA? Why was it like that BEFORE European Colonialism? Why do morons like you insist on droning on about "arab elites" put into power by "The CIA" when a majority of muslibs are not Arabs and there isn't a single instance in the World today where the "The CIA" installed an "Arab Elite Dictator".

Resist the urge to chant slogans, laddie. And consider this. The chief problem with the muslib world is and always been ISLAM.

P.S. Neither Aunty nor I nor any intelligent Conservatives exaggerate the threat of islam. But we do advocate countering what threat does exist.

Got that, Skippy?

7:05 AM  
Blogger Aunty Belle said...


Rev, howdy buddy. A'tween us, we will keep the sand kicked up, huh?

Here's what ya said:

"This Burka Born Boogey Man is barely breathing let alone baring it's teeth and barking at us. For God's sake, threat evaluation usually involves proximity and transportation factors. Other side of world without boats ain't that bad."

Uh, thas' a negative. Reckon you missed the remarks of the Dinner Jacket yesterday?

But more to the point--it's a new world. It doan necessitate ships and navies or planes and air forces when you ain't a nation but an ideology. A few insane fanatics with weaponized bio-grunge can take out a city. Or more towers.

Moi!! Yeah darlin'! I'se wif ya" let's back the dollar wif Oscar!! Ha! Knowed you'd be a creative presidentia. Hoo-whee!

Of COURSE we should obliterate the Federal Reserve--stand -by: on that see Back Porch in a few hours. And Of course we should fine an CONFINE the curs on Wall Street who shoved this crisis along to us while inhaling gold dust.

As fer internal priorities, Moi, I hope youse right. But I worry that the whole financial question will be so dang moot iffin' we's slammed wif 10 cities in smoke and plague ashes hovering over the country when we wake up one mornin.'

7:11 AM  
Blogger The Troll said...


Darned good Pro-Bailout Argument. One I considered and rejected for two reasons you yourself state in your essay.

1) Paulsen won't be the unelected bureaucrat with unconstitutional powers. Correct. And there's a very good chance it will be someone that George Soros selects on behalf of Obama.

2) Congress putting in a dozen speed-bumps. Aunty Aunty Aunty. There were 4 dozen speed-bumps in the "Laws" regarding Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Conservative sounding words like "accountablity, responsibility and transparency" are RIDDLED THROUGHOUT the "Laws" that allegedly governed the Democrat Bureaucrats who ran Freddie and Fannie. One specific item IN THE LAW was that Fannie and Freddie must operate according to GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles). Was the LAW followed on that score? NO!

What you need to consider is that Democrat Bureacrats routinely ignore the LAWS passed by the Legislative branch of Government. Especially those portions of THE LAW put in there by Conservatives.

The real actions by a George Soros annointed Treasury Secretary will have very little to do with the empty rhetoric in the "Law" that's supposed to constrain him.

7:20 AM  
Blogger ANNA-LYS said...

Just drops of a spontaneous reflection from Europe ....

Would there even be an USA
without the immigration?
And IF, would they have
any other material or money
than feathers? ;-)))

8:29 AM  
Blogger boneman said...

....the recruiters are still looking for your sorry yellow butt, troll.

Or are 'words' all you have?

I think the likes of Anna-Lys has something here, but, it appears to fall on deaf ears.
The country of religious freedom is turning into an iron curtain.

And that definately flies in the face of Republicans whose nazi hertiage calls for them to hate communism.

Why hate communism, by the way?
Because Nixon and Mcarthy told you to?

The founding fathers must have been as stupid as they wrote.
There's no freedom here. There's a tyranny being led by a liar and a pack of snarling trolls and other beasts of the pit following it.

Heck, maybe there ain't anyway to stop this.
The US is turning into the very east of the bible....

8:50 AM  
Blogger boneman said...

...complete with the queen of the north, Palin.

8:52 AM  
Blogger puerileuwaite said...

I am starting to lean in your direction, which is REALLY scaring me!

9:21 AM  
Blogger The Troll said...

Does anyone have any clue what drug-addled moron cowardly punk Boneman is ranting about with this "recruiters" thing he's posted about 12 times lately?

As for being "yellow", any time you get the urge to say that to my face, let me know, Boneman.

That was about the only word in your incoherent off-topic rant that made any sense to me. And it's a word likely to get a punk like you badly hurt.

Got that?

10:19 AM  
Blogger Anonymous Boxer said...

**moving tables back and clearing glassware and sharp instruments**

10:23 AM  
Blogger K9 said...

yeah really boxer...this has dissentigrated badly.

analys: i have no problem with immigrants. in the US we have a problem with illegal immigrants which stress the infrastructure and yet do not pay into the system. it is a statistical fact the stress they are doing on money to the point hospitals are closing and schools are suffering. this does not even address the issue of crime. part of the mortgage problem especially in border states and sanctuary cities is that bad loans were made to non citizens. that is just bad policy. enforcement of federal law is critical to the republic. it doesnt mean "anti-immigrant" thanks for stopping by. its a very weird time for us.

aunty! welcome home. no dont get ya fur up - i was just saying that some of yall have sent me to some very interesting reading. im not saying you are all on the same page! i know what you are saying about the exodus out of eurabia i saw it first hand in naples. cant wait to read yore post.

btw. helly resurfaced. check out bird's blog.

boney: i dont know how you got to wholesale trashing of an entire half of this nation. i dont think the founding fathers were stupid. your view of this country seriously disturbs me. WE are this country. US.

puerileuwaite: boy am i glad to see YOU. yes, a dog can smell a bad deal a mile away. (and pepperoni pizza too.)

troll: reading newspapers from europe is all i need to know about the eternal problem of Islam. just because our problems here have our attention doesnt mean the non stop seige on western civ over there has abated.

10:46 AM  
Blogger The Troll said...

Take the Obama Quote Quiz!

10:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe I should change my online identity to "Perpetual Pollyanna",
that being said...did any of you pups notice last night W looked frightend? Sort of had that dear in the headlights look? Ya know W is just really famous for his..er...bravado... even when a bit of humility would have served him better. So what is it that has scared the cockiness outa George W enough for him to go on world television and talk to Americans without acting like the rest of the world was listening?

THAT's a fundamental change ... makes me wonder what could be big, bad, scarry enough to
knock the cock out of W?

I am thinking it ain't the bailout he's fearful of. I am sure he knows whatever happens now will fall to other shoulders to see through and whose shoulders will be beyond W's influence...so why the right this minute urgency?

There's something much bigger than this bailout sitting in his mind.
God help the USA!

Maybe Aunty's got it right and we shouldn't be fighting against the bailout but fighting for lots of checks and balances on the structure of the bailout. Haven't got much hope of that,,,,but I reckon I can ask my senators to be paying real careful attention.

12:26 PM  
Blogger K9 said...

asking your senators.........grrrrrrrrherhahahahaha joke of the day! thats not a dig at you anonymous pollyanna. my senator sent me a form letter about why hes going to do the deal.

dubya WAS weird last night. i think he is a pod. the alien colonization has begun in earnest.

12:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear bout your senators form.....but today I did see that Senator Jim Demint went on Fox News and said Washington needed to slow down and rethink because Americans were against this bailout and so was he. Wish there was a video of his comments...the man made sense even if he is a politician from the South!

2:43 PM  
Blogger ThursdayNext said...

Your finger pointing is really pathetic, people.

The goverment, who passes legistlation, is made of up Democrats and Republicans. Both parties vote on regulations...and in the case for the past twenty years...DEREGULATIONS.

The reason why I have a job that is secure, the reason why I will get a bonus this year, and the reason why my CEO doesnt make millions is because we REGULATE OURSELVES.

You can thank the very same morons debating this stupid bill in Congress for their "hands off big business policies." And get your fucking facts straight, people. Affordability or not, its the trading of the short term hedges that were these mortgates without regulations that caused all this.

As for this North South shit...oh gawd people come on.

K9 - please remember always that money has nothing to do with creativity. Stay creative here on this blog...xoxo

8:28 PM  
Blogger Reverend X said...

"At this moment, the plan that has been put forth by the administration does not enjoy the confidence of the American people," it said. It was unclear whether McCain would attend Friday night's scheduled debate against Democratic nominee Barack Obama in Oxford, Miss. Good work, Dawg

It would seem that the tide is turning... What can 1 person do? You were the only one I know of who was screaming what McCain heard. You can do a lot.

3:39 AM  
Blogger Reverend X said...

Um Troll,
I joined the Corps at 18. You did what exactly? And K9 knows what I look like now. So please refrain from insults of cowardice, I am more of a man than you will ever be and more of a woman than you will ever get.. Calling me spineless insults yourself.
As per your questions... there have been Constitutional Republics (ain't no democracies since 300 B.C.) in the Middle East. We Overthrew them In fact we have overthrown more "Democracies" than all other Dominoes put together Oh, and that should take you on a CIA Sponsored Arab Elite Dictator review... Wow you are amazing in you broad generalizations of supposed fact without the slightest research... Almost takes the fun outta talkin to you. Your Momma shoulda drank you.

Aunty Bellum,
Yes we do dear. And if we both kick enough, we might just get to the bottom of things. Nice to hear you slap back as hard as ever.

3:58 AM  
Blogger The Troll said...

Rev X,

Nice source, moron. Was the Daily Kos site not up-and-running?

6:57 AM  
Blogger K9 said...

keep calling. they are holding the line on Paulsons shakedown scam. the new plan is market based solutions.

202 212 3121

i talked with shelbys office this morning. i told them he was doing great. and he is right.

its working. it worked on immigraton amnesty and it can work for this too!! hold the line.

thanks revvy

thursday: yes i look forward to getting back to art and goodness. very soon. xo to you

7:09 AM  
Blogger moi said...

Pardon-ay Moi, but may I make a teensy observation here? Along comes Miss Thursday – who actually works on Wall Street and therefore has a unique perspective to add to THE TOPIC – and instead of responding to her, the boys are instead engaging (still) in their pissing contest about, what, serving in the military?

See, girls would never do that. Okay, we might gossip about each other's outfits, but that's about it. Take it. Outside.

7:24 AM  
Blogger K9 said...

wrong number im sorry i am crazy busy over here

202 224 3121

stay on it. choose liberty

7:33 AM  
Blogger The Troll said...

Great article from a HIGHLY qualified source at the Troll Report today.

Hint: If you think democracyNOW!.org IS a quality source, you won't be able to understand the article as every sentence doesn't begin with NAZI BUSH!!!

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Blogger The Troll said...

Of lesser importance, but along with Immigration Amnesty it worked with the Dubai Ports Deal.

Remember how the establishment said their would be horrific consequences if we didn't let an entity of Dubai's Government run that port?

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Blogger Aunty Belle said...

It ain't that hard folks:

Go to work. Do yore job--well. Doan expect to be paid a fortune for a doin' the right thang. See yore work as a contribution to the community, not jes' a way to get yore next 6 pack.

That is how the nation is made--work hard, be honest, doan vote for snakes because he promises ya somethin' ya ain't entitled to--that includes universal healthcare, houses, education. GO EARN THAT STUFF.
Pressure yore reps in office, local and federal to do right.

Pup is right: choose freedom, but that begins at HOME in YORE job. Do good thar', be good thar' and doan rip of yore employer (yeah, YOU--stop leavin' early, fudgin' yore receipts, and stealin' the pens)

We deserved this. We tolerated evil ideas like somethin' fer nuthin.' Ever noticed how folks who say they cain't git no job have $100 Nikes and computers? Does ya'll know the east river pit --the UN-- wants to make having a computer a "human right"????

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Blogger moi said...

So, in response to Thursday: yes, the cause is exactly what you said. And, I would add: made possible by the Federal Reserve manipulating both the money supply and interest rates.

As for money having nothing to do with creativity, I don't get your point. In fact, I believe that it is dangerous to divorce money/economics from "every day" life. This idea that economics is so lofty and so complicated that only certain people can possibly understand it all, is what got us in this mess in the first place.

To the contrary, I believe it is the duty of every person in this country to understand what money is and what it means. For what else is it but a stand in for another word: value. Something that we trade every day, in all of our relationships, whether we consciously realize it or not. The fact that the average person has no concept of the meaning of money and the exchange of values, the fact that we don't teach economics as ethics in our schools, is deeply disturbing to me.

If you look at it that way, it makes perfect sense why K9 "the artist" is so upset with what is happening here. Because if nothing else, this is a crisis of morality. Or, rather, the failure thereof.

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Blogger K9 said...

moi: you brought tears to my eyes. thank you.

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Blogger American Hill BIlly said...

I have other blogs to visit, but the idea of a North American Union for all intensive purposes is a WASH!!! The plan isn't playing out for The Ole' Cabal as intended. The Countries which they primarily control are the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, USA, and a few straglers. Canada is in a "leaving state".

I have been trying to warn people the Ole' Cabals plans are failing to a degree. This only points at turning their fury inwards, to the countries they are in direct control of!!!

They will militarize these particular countries in order to build their Global army; in an attempt to gain total global control!!!

United In Peace And Freedom

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Blogger Reverend X said...

Trolly, You attack the source without a word of the message? There is a name for that flawed logic in arguments... try again. Try harder.

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Blogger Panday said...

boneman says,

Why hate communism, by the way?
Because Nixon and Mcarthy told you to?

Uhh... probably because communism in action gives us enough reasons to hate it. Unless you think Stalin and Pol Pot actually ran good systems which just happened to get bad reps.

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Blogger pamokc said...

One quick comment about Will Rogers... he definitely was an Oklahoma Democrat and had his name put into the nomination for president at one Democratic convention ...

But you know what they say around here ... in today's world, an Oklahoma Democrat would be called a Republican in any other state of the union ...

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