ByJohn Batchelor posted on September 25, 2008 at 6:36 PM

Dick Shelby of Alabama Strolled Out

Late this afternoon, after the markets closed, after the big pow-wow at the White House called by President Bush to confront the market crisis, Dick Shelby (R) strolled out onto the White House portico (right, bad weather) to the waiting media mob of cameras, mikes, cell phones, open feeds, bloggers, and blinked at the lights. “I guess you were expectin’ bigger fish?” Mr. Shelby meant the two candidates, Barack Obama and John McCain, who slipped out the side door to their limos and entourages. Dick Shelby then went on to give the news. “No deal.” He produced a document that he said was signed by five hundred economists who asserted that the Hank Paulson deal was bunk. That there is no credit crunch on Main Street. That Wall Street is running a panic game. That the deal the president spoke of last night, and again today, is not going forward.



added 4:50 pm

John Boehner (R) Ohio direct line 202 225 6205 call him. tell him thank you for holding the line. the demoncrats are saying they cant vote for their bill with out the republicans. not true, they can. they just dont want to be responsible for it alone.



Blogger The Troll said...


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Blogger K9 said...

trolly its called "burning down the house". when you put your cursor on the you tube logo it should take you right to it. it is very viral and should be quite easy to find. i agree with you it is the best use of you tube ive ever seen. i hope the people who really need to see it (like thursdaynext) will watch it. if obama becomes the president expect to see censorship of the internet and airwaves. now that his campaign is worried they are starting to try and tell the truth about him. it sounds cliche but truly this is the defining moment - the mother of defining moments.

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Blogger K9 said...

i cant type.... i meant to type:

now that his campaign is worried they are starting SUE anyone who tells the truth about him (obama)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

the only constant:

more partisan pap:

"blame them, not us!"

hah ha ha haha ha hah aha hah ah ha ah ha ha!

serves well, though, to keep everyone divided & conquerable

i agree with your earlier stand, k9... backstabbers all


11:24 AM  
Blogger K9 said...

/t: heres the difference. the dems really are the architects of this debacle. and that is a FACT. that said, i am finished with arguing with my democratic friends. my focus is on the leadership right now. i stand by my backstabber charge in that conservatives have failed to speak up and spell out clearly what was at stake and let it happen.

serves well to divide and conquer? no. this affects us all. and we all need to know what time it is. i submit to you it is the american left that divides. i am for america. not a party. if it were the demoncrats standing up against paulson i would be with them.

interesting isnt it, to see the dems stand with W and paulson and the republicans holding the line. grrrrrrrherhahahahaha

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Blogger Little Lamb said...

I didn't realize this mess started in the Carter Administration. And here, I thought you backed Obama. I guess not. That's what I get for thinking and not asking.

12:49 PM  
Blogger K9 said...

Dear God, lamb! no no no, oh wooly one.
its a big wet NYET to obama.

12:55 PM  
Anonymous Fishy said...

Sad to say, This video has been the high point of my day!

1:45 PM  
Blogger Mayden' s Voyage said...

I worked in real estate in the late 80's and early 90's. One project in Chapel Hill, NC (San Fran of the south) was an "affordable housing" program backed by a very wealthy atty (Dem, of course) and several grants from corp's like Duke Power and the like.
On the surface it seemed like a lovely idea to provide low income residents who were janitors, restaurant workers, and even teachers, or grad students a home in the city they worked in.

There was/is a reason people with low incomes live outside of Chapel Hill and commute in, the houses are huge and enormously expensive.

so- whatever...this little sub-division gets built up with little bitty houses on lots you can spit across for 40K- then add another 120K for the house. The people had to make less than a certain amt
to even qualify for one of the homes, and they had to prove they worked in Chapel Hill.

5 years later I drove through the area, and I'm sure the upper crust of CH are thankful this little sub-division is tucked away- because guess what- it looks like a low income neighborhood. I have no idea what the forclosure rate was/is, but I do know most of these families, if a major repair was needed, or a tree fell on their house (whatever) they could not afford to fix it.

Also- with little money of their own invested in these places, if the mortgage gets too high (or other costs of living)- what's their incentive for staying? I put most of what we made from the last house in the new house- which means my home really is an investment with a fair amt of cash tied up in it. I'm not walking away from it for any reason.

People want the American Dream without having to use any muscle- and elected officals found a way to make that happen. I do think it stems from the sickness of "White Guilt" - but that's a conversation for another time and place. I have friends of all races and colors who have homes, but don't have subprime mortgages, nor do I. And of course, if I were to bail on my mortgage- the bailout isn't designed to help people like me...
It't going to help the ones with no muscle and really nothing to lose.


But- Hugs for you friend! I think we could use a weekend at the beach!

2:09 PM  
Blogger Little Lamb said...

Are you undecided then?

2:50 PM  
Blogger Aunty Belle said...

That video clocked 83,000 views in 10 hours.

New insight from other sources on Front Porch.

Meanwhile the Obama operatives have threatened to sure anyone who says someting "untrue" about Obama.

MAyden--amen! There is no "right" to the American dream, only the opportunity--some t ake it , some doan.

We had thousands of Viet refugees settle in our area--funny how they have thrived, some are millionaires and they help each other. They do NOT take welfare. Not speaking English one OB-GYN nurse from Saigon did ironing to put her two kids through school--thye have now set mama up in a sweet little house and they are fine fine US citizens--if they can do this in less than 40 years that is testimony to the reality that the rest of the world KNOWS the USA is where if you work hard you can do well. Take note, slackers, take note.

5:38 PM  
Blogger moi said...

As I mentioned on Troll's blob, agree with the video 100 percent except for McCain/Palin being the solution. The only solution I can support is Ron Paul.

Interesting story by Mayden. Not surprised.

5:41 PM  
Blogger American Hill BIlly said...

Good!!! This "crisis" is nothing more than the economic fascist coup to finish off what is left of OUR Republic!! WAKE UP!!!

United In Peace And Freedom

6:25 PM  
Blogger foam said...

just dropping by with a cup of joe to say good morning ..
i've been keeping up and reading your bloggie ..
but, you know me..
i don't get involved in online political debates ..
although ..
i'm sorely tempted to visit dc again and knock the whole lot upside the head ..

3:01 AM  
Blogger Anonymous Boxer said...

One thought I've had this past week is the amazing power of the Internet - can you imagine what would have happened if we didn't have the right/ability to post our thoughts, videos and share phone numbers and ideas?

This Country is worth fighting for and despite all of the krap that has gone down over the past few days/weeks/years, I've never been more proud.... of all us "us."

That's why I'm ready to do my part - bring it all down, I don't care. I care more about preserving something for the next generation. I want people to feel good about doing the right thing, which as my boxing coach always says;

"not everything that's good for you, feels good at first."

I'll say it again; men and women are fighting for this country every day and yet we sit in this Country and waste away the very thing they are trying to protect.

11:05 AM  
Blogger ThursdayNext said...

K9 you are still missing part of the point, as is the video. The mortgage packages were not regulated so the banks were allowed to create short term hedge trading without regulations! You have half the story here, not all. And that is fact because now short term hedges are defunct as we know it...no bank will ever be allowed to be so careless with them again. If regulations by the government were in place to monitor short term hedging instead of these CEOs going apeshit with them, thanks to the deregulations of our Congress, than we would be ok.

CASE AND POINT? My bank did NOT parttake in the hedge trading of loans. We are the winners and getting the clients from Lehmans, etc. Again, my company is proof that regulation is KEY HERE. We arent going anywhere because we said the government is too hands off and we are going to be self disciplined and regulate ourselves.

11:11 AM  
Blogger Reverend X said...

K9, Good video. Will take a while to double check it's claims or are you already on that?
Just to play a little bit of Devil's advovate... Prior to the end of '06 the Democrats could not block anything. They did not have the numbers to even effectively delay (filibuster) any GOP plans.
That being said, you know that my primary stance is anti-corporatism. So any and all sweet deals given to our "Representative Government" are corruption in my opinion. And there would seem to be a lot of it going on.

Plus, I don't think there are two parties, cuz behind doors or completely exposed, they appear the same.

11:58 AM  
Blogger Aunty Belle said...

Pass me a tomater Pup...Thursday, Sugar, now wait up a beat--as ya show in yore description of yore institution, the problem is NOT de-regulation, but greed. Since regulations wasn't in place, there was none on yore bank, but they chose correctly. Others chose greed. The problem ain't regulation but integrity of people. So the solution is life time jail sentences fer the perpetrators--who's also traitors.

What ya'll is skimmin' over is that there were PLENTY of voices warnin' about this--(watch video again or jes' google Fannie/ Freddie/ and read the 2006, 2007 stories---so yep folks, warnin' was given--but when those WE know of love or groups We want to get a piece of the pie is gettin' it, we keep clammed.

Onc't the fat hits the fire, we wanna shriek at others. The democrats are 90% of the fingeprints on this horror. I ain't defendin' no Republicans heah, but notice that the biggest pockets full of cash is dems and their supporters.

An doan fergit Andrew Cuomo who ran HUD into the ground. All these gubmint programs fer housin' is vote buyin' cash cows fer welfare addicts and the Demoncrat masters.

It ain't hard: The job of the gubmint is to defend you from outside attacks and litigate interstate crimes. All else ya' should do fer yore own self.
Reduce gubmint by 75%, pass strict term limit laws and return to state's rights. 1,2,3 , easy as can be.

2:21 PM  
Blogger ThursdayNext said...

aunty, i am with you on criminal charges for the ceo's. my ceo is a good man..ironically i met him by happenstance because he came to the trading floor the week everything fell apart to boost our morale.

as for greed...it is the govt's fault as well...there are plenty of rich bastards in congress who wanted to maximize their dinero by not administering regulations. and that goes for dems and repubs alike!

2:59 PM  

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