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Another Low Culture Spectacle from the USA

I might have been tired from driving all day back from Florida. I might have been on edge just from the basic absurdity of life. I might have been annoyed by the new zillion dollar house they are building next door that completely blocks the sky from the entire southern face of my house. But the re-entry back into my everyday life just happened to coincide with the half-time show for the superbowl and my disgust-o-meter was so far in the red it blew up releasing a noxious gas of embarrassment.

I suppose it is a perfect metaphor when it is really examined: a middle-aged fishnetted hag strutting about in a vulgar Praetorianesque costume. It was a golden extravaganza from a broke-ass country that has doomed the next three generations into debt servitude to her creditors. As she tentatively walked through the hackneyed dance moves and flashed her grandmother vulva, I thought about how often politicians say other countries hate us for our "freedom".

No, no. I don't think that is it.

And besides, what freedom? To broadcast the lowest of low culture around the world? This is what we have to offer? Nikki Minaj!? We have the freedom to have ugly and expensive entertainments, or vote for Pepsi Mitt or Coke oBOMBa but you can forget about buying raw milk from the Amish, or having a grass-fed poultry farm. Or not having your schizz on Google and Facebook sold or being out from under the biological threat of Monsanto.

When I arrived at my sisters house last Friday I was almost inconsolable after reading how the UK (and almost every other country) had successfully banned GMO in their countries while here in Doofusville,  oBOMBa just gave Monsanto the green light to grow GMO alfalfa: the basic forage of livestock. How you like that all you libs that came over here every pre-2008-election day to talk about how terrible W was? Not a freaking peep out of you. Now that your savior has out neoconned the neocons while simultaneously laying down an oppressive federal grid over literally every aspect of american life, you still carry his water which makes the american left the most ideologically bankrupt people on the face of earth.

Last night was, actually, the perfect entertainment for the situation we find ourselves in: a broke, vulgar, frontin' and voguing, haggard pig dressed up in fishnets perched upon a fetid mountain of lies. I could cry - if I weren't a Rottweiler.



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