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so this woman rants at me about how Hillary is going to bring health care to all in this oppressive hideous heartless nation known as the USA. all this while holding an iphone in a hand with a fancy french manicure. i said "dude, if you have a cell phone? you can afford insurance. you CHOSE not to buy insurance cause you drank the kool aid and think if you tack all this shit onto yourself you are living large. this nation doesn't owe you "large".....but it does offer you an OPPORTUNITY to get.it.for.yourself." this woman's statement, and more specifically this way of thinking, and it is endemic this nation, is that people want what they want but they want ME and YOU to pay for it. and there isnt a candidate strong enough to get up there and tell all these bed wetters what time it. there is NOBODY to vote for. all i can do is put my head down and work and pray some moron doesnt run the free market system into the ground before i can get my game together. speaking of free markets, when i realized i wasnt going to cut it as a painter, i looked at what i produce that consumers actually want to buy and adjusted accordingly. i didnt start writing a bunch of grants looking for tax payer funding to finance work nobody wants to buy! that is how it works here. you figure it out and shut the fuck up.
im not rich, but i still hope to get there and so therefore im not interested in soaking people who got there just because i haven't yet. is anybody else out there fed up with people getting up and asking the candidates about what they are going to do for whatever problem in their life they will not handle themselves? what a bunch of selfish punks. with no vision past themselves, no long term for the greater good of the nation just whatever they can get. i bout fell out of my chair the other day during a phone call with one of my left-coast relatives who started ragging on the price of gas. "really?" said i, cause your state is full of caribou huggers and "dont build a nuke plant" chanters who make us do business with the saudis since we cannot even tap our own resources. why dont you take a good hard look at how that price is divided. find out how much of a cut goes to your state and the feds and get back to me. meanwhile you want to punish the oil companies for actually finding the shit, pumping it up, refining it, employing people and delivering it to you so you can just pull up and load it into your gas tank cheaper than you could get a gallon of starbucks triple soy skinny ass bullshit latte! but the jokes on you because the government is going to subsidize companies that develop other fuels and give them a tax break as well. who do you think is developing these alternative fuels?? who has the infrastructure? its a whole lot like archer daniels midland getting a farm subsidy. like that? then you are going to LOVE that 10 dollar ear of corn and 100 dollar steak. how about this: in florida they will not drill for oil cause it might mess up the beaches. thats hilarious since chavez and castro are going to sail right up to the line and drill it for their nations and florida might STILL get tar beach but not the oil. but its worth it cause at least they can feel "good" about themselves. those feel good florida people will be chokin' on their puka shell necklaces over that one and they'll blame blame blame just like everyone does now for every damn thing that happens. nobody seems to understand the cause and effect that these selfish desires result in when people get what they ask for. can anybody tell me what barak obama's message of hope actually CONTAINS? ive yet to hear one concrete idea out of his mouth. yes he looks good and yes he is positive but what are his ideas? and mike huckabee? are you kidding me? listen, when i am ready to attend a tent revival i will ring him up until then he should shut the fuck up unless he plans to apologize to the families that have been victimized by the killers he let out of prison. are people seriously considering electing another snake oil salesman out of arkansas? john edwards. his nickname in north carolina was "senator who?" get it? he was never there never introduced one substantial bill, he says he never took money from a PAC. what do you call the trial lawyers association! hillary. these guys are so bad...the clintons i mean...if you can punch a chad for her i say you have committed treason. fred thompson will you please drink a pot of coffee? you say some good and very specific things and are a constitutionalist but would it kill you to give it some effort? ron paul; nice voting record i wish i could choose you just for domestic policy. perhaps as the immigration czar, but your appearance on coast to coast and some of the new world disorder boyz got me worried. lets see who else; mitt romney? *shrugs*
then there was the episode of the "lost dog" that i had the insensitivity to find "amusing" which makes me a "hater". in a nutshell, up in maine where people are a bit frustrated with some muslims who will not assimilate while making demands that their culture be accommodated, somebody made a lost dog poster that shows a dog named "mohammed". the poster says the dog is "not good with children and can't be trusted". grrrherhahahahaha! thats clever! but its been called a hate crime against islam. well i say "roll with it" the way people like me do when mega-gheys over at the folsom street fair talk about how oppressive and homophobic america is while selling baby jesus butt plugs and virgin mary dildos. you mean you guys cant get your freak on without getting a medal for it? someone might judge you? what just letting you be isnt enough? you want special treatment? bite me! speaking of judgement...it's become a negative: "don't be judgemental" are you kidding me? i can, do and will make judgements as i see fit. i can judge that i think simulating oral sex on a gay pride float at 1 PM in the afternoon on a public street is at least as open a topic for concern and discussion of it's "rightness for the community" as a nativity scene is. i can judge that the goth chick across the street that allows her cat to roam around all day and come over to my yard and stalk my bird feeders is a selfish jerk! oh, you don't like having a catbox? then get a fucking dog! and you are free to judge and even hate me when i let Trout the land shark out to snap your cats ratty ass neck if i ever catch it over here again. what's more; i can judge people for not using their turn signal. i can judge people for wearing crocs if i want to...and do! grrrerhhahahaha! and you are still, as of this posting, free to judge me back and i celebrate that. i sure dont expect the gummit to legislate you to feel a certain way about what i do. the government has one function which they fail miserably at which is to keep this nation free of foreign invasion. right. anybody who believes in amnesty for the 12 million illegals in this nation does not stand for justice. tell all the people in africa being persecuted and killed they cant come here you'd rather give the cheapest citizenship on the face of earth to anyone who can walk, swim or hide in a van and sneak in here. other nations don't do that. no, other nations pick and choose who gets in: engineers, scientists, doctors...people like that. mexico doesnt even let anyone just come in like we do...ask the dominicans and people from central america. and speaking of mexico...since their government exports their poor here, having no incentive to fix their own massively corrupt government we get to hear the demoncrats talk about the widening gap between rich and poor in el norte. wonder why!

but in spite of it all, i remain optimistic that i can get my new business off the ground, open a showroom in july, and get my game on and live enjoying all the beauties and virtues that have come my way while minimizing my focus on what isnt going my way. my point is, iamnot, that i wasnt "slacking" just realizing that the way things are shaping up? i will have to work 3 times as hard to offset all the bullshit these candidates are going to implement to appease the bed wetters with the loudest shout. grrrerhahahaha. have a nice day everyone.

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Blogger moi said...

Were we separated at birth? Lots of good stuff in here.

But I'd like to address Moi's personal pet peeve: health insurance. I'm going to say it, yes, I am: A. Universal health care is NOT a right. Not enough space here to explain exactly why, but take my word for it; it's just not.

B. If you're poor and can't afford health care, guess what? In this country you're more than taken care of. Between Medicaid and the hundreds of no cost clinics and charitable hospitals (funded by both the public and private sectors), you'll be fine. And if you're you're rich, well, guess what? You can afford just about anything, so no problemo there.

So who does that leave? Oh, yes, the middle classes. Who merrily allowed the gub'ment to destroy the free market health care system in favor of "health insurance" providers and "HMOs" who now control medical care to such an extent that we cannot afford our iPhones, big screen televisions, AND medical treatment all at the same time.

When I was growing up, my father made $1,000 a month as a high school teacher. He had a wife and two kids, who were always sick or getting hurt. He did not have medical "insurance." And yet, we could always afford medical treatment. What's changed between then (a mere 30 years ago) and today?

6:43 AM  
Blogger Pete Bogs said...

Huckabee did in fact free a rapist who raped and killed again... if I were still blogging, I would be writing about "the new Willie Horton," and that's Huck's friend... oddly, while Horton may have hurt Dukakis' shot at the White House, Huck's numbers rose after that revelation... wtf???

apparently rape is ok - judging by the DoJ's refusal to look into rapes by American contractors in Iraq...

Paul is his own man (I like what he said about religion and politics), but his past writings are questionable... racist and otherwise offensive...

dogs rule! let Trout out for some kitty treats sometime... not familiar with the lost dog think, but you know that amuses me!

good luck with your new business!

7:26 AM  
Blogger The Troll said...

Good rant. You're probably personally exposed to FAR MORE freaks than I see on Troll Island.

Hope your venture is a success and you can move somewhere with fewer brain-dead leftist lap-dogs of the traitor-democrat party-of-filth.

8:33 AM  
Blogger iamnot said...

I can't take it anymore.
My flight lands in Atlanta at 8PM tonight.
Tell Mr. She he's out of a job and pick me up at the airport.

You know, I've been accused of not liking "strong women" becuase I disagree with my wife's liberal scree. The fact is, I LOVE a strong woman! I just prefer they make sense!

8:48 AM  
Blogger she said...

moi: grrrherhahaha! maybe so, except i didnt get the baking gene. just thirty years ago a man would have chewed his right arm off before he asked for help if he was able to do it for himself.

plus, nobody shops best price since "insurance" pays for it. not to mention the administrative costs associated with billing, the massive infrastructure required to maintain records of benefits. you called it right; wealthy people contract with doctors privately on a cash basis. for less money i might add.

i bought a tens unit (a little shock therapy gizmo) for 99 dollars in a drug store last year. this year my surgeon ordered one for me...same thing: 765. dollars. i didnt get it since i had one but i was floored at the inflation.

bogshond: grrerhahaha death to the bird eating kitty! as to the rapes by contractors in iraq i would advise we wait and see about the proof so it doesnt turn into a fake charge like the haidtha fiasco. and jack murtha has still refused to apologize for calling our soldiers "murderers"...all of whom have been exonerated. good to see ya bogs!

troll: yes i am. glad you came by while i was in a writing mood. grrherhaha

iamnot: delta is ready when you are. and thank you.

11:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder if Mr. She and Mrs. Iamnot would make a fair pair?

2:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



here's to she getting on her game

¤ ¤ ¤


3:19 PM  
Anonymous upset waitress said...

Something needs to be done with health care. Do you know how many hospitals are shutting down around our borders because of a law that prohibits ANY hospital from rejecting a patient, even is they lack health insurance or money to pay the bill up front, or even in small payments? Tons of immigrants can jump the border, go to a hospital emergency room, and CAN NOT be denied care. They simply don't pay the bill. I'm not just blaming the immigrants here either. Anyone can do just this. Something needs to be done though. Maybe if becoming a doctor didn't cost thousands and thousands of dollars for education? Maybe if education were free? Especially in certain needed professions? What if a doctor, pharmacist, or scientist, didn't have to pay for their schooling? Would they punish people with their high prices to make-up for their cost of years of education? I don't know. Now I'm rambling in your comments :)

3:54 PM  
Anonymous upset waitress said...

And I don't qualify for anything. I'm white, single, have one child, and work. Now, if I were pregnant and jobless they would give me everything. Pathetic. They would give me back dated medicaid, free food, child care, and help with my rent. But I would have to be knocked up and jobless mind you. Anyone wanna have unprotected sex with me?

4:00 PM  
Blogger she said...

anon: "bring bring! wife swap calling" gak!

/t: grrrrrrrrrrrherhhherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrherherherherrrrrrrrrrrherherherherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrherherhehrherhehrehrherherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahahahhaaaaaaaaa

er yeah. its the only sane response other than jumping off a cliff. and thank you! i will show you soon the "product line"

upset waitress: i think i can find a willing suitor or two. maybe you could shack up with a migrant farm worker.

wonder what would happen if we snuck into mexico for treatment? would we get it?

funny you should bring up school for doctors. thats just the beginning. the real dough outlay is the malpractice insurance! calling john edwards!! grrrerhahaha

educators: very liberal. hmmmmmm, big believers in affordability of education and equal access......very high prices...what's wrong with this picture?

your hard earned money spent so you can have your children educated by ward churchill and the dumbass who thrust her bloody hands into condi rices face. (oh but condi was cool....HEY she didnt CRY!!! or call for a congressional inquisition)

good to see you UW...i think im gonna nominate you for a blogger award. grrrherhahaha

5:05 PM  
Blogger ThursdayNext said...

Falkner would be proud, dear She!

I got my own damn problems with this election; I am in love with Obama the way my mother was in love with Kennedy and fear that it may sway my vote. Feh. I never wanted to be all googley-eyed like the women were for JFK.

6:24 PM  
Blogger Mayden' s Voyage said...

Whew...it's hot! :)
I can't follow up with the stream here- it's late and I need to sleep :( Hoever, in the near future I might just have to make a 6 hr drive to Atlanta to see what is going on with you!
Sigh- I hate to say this- but I'm at a dead loss as to who to vote for- and I know it's still early- but are the candidates (from both sides) REALLY the best the country has to offer?
We're in a slump. The pendulum is in the center...people are distracted by everything. From global warming to Brittney breakdowsn(did I spell her name wrong? HA HA HA! I don;t give a sh*t)!
I swear- it's almost as if we are being strangled to death slowly by an unseen hand- while another hand does magic tricks to keep our attention off the lack of oxygen.
If I didn't know better- I'd say the enemy is in cahoots with Mexico and Cuba- and the insurance companies, colleges, the auto industry, hollywood, and the music industry (or some of the music industry), and Al Gore.
time for me to go to bed!
Hugs friend- I miss you- and I will be in touch soon- via email first :)

8:48 PM  
Blogger Aunty Belle said...

Sic 'em, tough Puppy!!

6:47 AM  
Blogger Aunty Belle said...

To Mayden:

Uh-huh, youse on ter somethin':
IS THIS THE BEST WE CAN DO?? Then look out folks....look out.

6:48 AM  
Blogger she said...

thursday: what is it? whats his magic?

mayden: whats goin on? i might ask you the same thing. i was pleased to see you out at the eno river...looked like a good thing to do...especially when you have so many other people to nurture...good to nurture you.

the candidates? its insane. if it werent for mr she i might give mexico some of her own treatment and migrate down to oaxaca city for a while just so i dont have to look at it. its the media deconstructing every action, nuance, syllable that kills me. they are totally ruining the process. there should be an editorial ban.

aunty: sorry about all the cussin...as a stream o consciousness ditty it had to be as my head thinks it before i edit it out as in most posts once theys written. grrrrerhahahaha at least you can not delete me here. grrrerhahaha

7:06 AM  
Blogger Enemy of the Republic said...

Hillary won't do diddly. None of them will.

Moi speaks well on this topic.

6:30 AM  
Blogger Kate said...

Wow that was a lot to take in!

I agree that we are free to judge and really isnt life all about making judgement calls!?!? I do totally believe in freedom of speech though, so I am fine with the a group of gays doing their thing... I may not agree with it, but it is their right. I am fine with the flag burning... with the KKK demonstrations. I think it gets people talking about issues and addressing problems albeit in an unconventional way... The good news is that we are free to judge these people and act or ignore as we see fit.

I just read this http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/22554235/

United States worst in new rankings focusing on preventable deaths due to treatable conditions in 19 leading industrialized nations... about 47 million people in a country of about 300 million have no healthcare...

I think we have a responsibility to care for our people and I disagree that we are doing enough. I lived with a single parent as a child... stood in welfare lines and had no healthcare. It sucked and when my brother got sick we were once turned away by the pediatrician because my Mom was behind on her payments... I remember sitting for 6 hours in the emergency room several days later because my brother had gotten so much worse that she had to take him in. Yes there was that...the ER and hospital, but shouldnt a child have the right to healthcare (even IF his parent has an Iphone)? Shouldnt every woman have the right to have a mamogram at 40+ and subsequent treatment if needed? If we as a country can afford to go to war for other countries, we can afford to provide healthcare for our residents.

Just my opinion!


7:42 AM  
Blogger she said...

enemy: good to see ya! why is that? the lobbyists for the insurance co's wont like it? i think the doctors would want change since now insurance defines too much of their jobs. i'd like to hear more from you why none of them will do anything. i agree with you....and im starting to think once people get to washington it just becomes business as usual right or left. with us, stuck in the middle as usual.

kate: good to see ya too! freedom of speech/thought: that was exactly my point...i dont care whats going on in gay america...my point is that in america all groups have to understand they have free speech to do whatever they want and other people not in that group can react however they want, too. you cannot demand special consideration because you are in the minority. i might demand that tributes of steak be offered to me by virtue of my rare status: very cute smart blonde artist who is conservative. grrrrrerhahahahahaha if someone kills me is that not as hateful as killing joan doe butch gym coach???

i too stood in abject freak out pain with a broken neck...almost 8 hours waiting waiting in the emergency room...and my ability to pay made no difference. the logjam my friend was due to the light staffing of the ER...wanna take a guess as to WHY a hospital has to cut back thay way?

i disagree with you totally that a child whos parents put electronic gadgets above health coverage should be covered by the taxpayers....under your plan scammer people would just wait for us to pick up the tab....and they do. you would be rewarding a very selfish behavior. if you truly believe that i think it is incumbent upon you to seek out a family such as what you described and start paying for their kids health care. its very very easy to play the compassion role when you are not picking up the check.

2:39 PM  
Blogger Kate said...

There are many differences between your ER case and my brothers (not to negate your pain and suffering as I can only imagine what you went through!!)... the most important difference to me was that he had to wait for treatment until he was so ill he was actually hospitalized... A visit and some antibiotics 3 days prior would have saved an 8 year old enormous pain and suffering, but it was to denied him.

I think we will have to agree to disagree on the healthcare issue. I dont think that children should be made to suffer because of deadbeat parents. I think that there are ways to give healthcare to children without it 'benefiting' parents (although I still believe that every person deserves the right to healthcare). I also think that is the exception not the rule. I think there are many hard working folks who just cant make ends meet, lose jobs etc. Its a tough world out there... and there are other countries doing a much better job at caring for their citizens than we do here in the US.

I AM willing to do my part...taxes and then some... I work primarily with nonprofit companies in my business. In Philly I did marketing for daycare centers that target children at risk (through the United Way). Most of them had govt grants to provide hot lunches... dental exams... and even 'well' doctors visits annually. I dont see why govt programs like these, that are paid for through taxpayer dollars and donations are rewarding any parents selfish behavior.

Just my opinion... and if you cooked me up a kitty... I might have a bite... just for the experience! =]

5:57 PM  
Blogger she said...

we can agree to disagree. but understand i am speaking to attitudes of entitlement and choice.
should children suffer because their parents

(not deadbeats but working capable unwilling; the children you are describing below are not the progeny of the people i am talking about. and good for you with your volunteerism.)

prefer to spend their dough on iphones? in a nutshell, yes. look at your language: "should we" and that is the rub. when did the responsibility for an individuals offspring transfer from the family to the "state"? and have you examined the downside of that amount of power given over to that state?

if you want government managed universal health care you haven't stood in line at the post office lately. grrrrherhahahahhaha!!!

i bet the kitty would be slimy like a squirrel or possum. both of which i like far more than cats!
enjoyed your comments and glad you came back to talk it over. :-)

6:26 PM  
Blogger puerileuwaite said...

When you put it that way, maybe I should run.

Oh, and Goth chicks are into cats? Then I need to make a run to the pet store before my date tonight!

10:27 AM  
Blogger Kate said...

I would take cats over squirls ANYDAY! (cooked or live *wink)

20/20 just had a show on last night about 'happiness' It was fascinating. Apparently the happiest people are in Denmark and Singapore. 2 places totally dominated by government. (probably doing a better job than ours at the moment!... in Singapore they pay their top officials in the millions to make it less attractive to take bribes...

Its interesting to me that I am sounding so democratic... when in truth, I have always been a registered republican... the #1 reason is to keep government out of business. In the arena of healthcare though, I think that a country has a responsibility to provide healthcare to everyone. Even if that means some childern whos parents can afford it ( and feel they are entitled even if they arent) are are covered. It beats the alternative that people out there go uncovered.

I have enjoyed the conversation as well. I bet if we were to hash it out over a bucket of wings and a beer... we could solve all the problems of the country in one... no maybe 2 days... oh lets give it a go for a weekend! hehehe I mean grrrherhahaha! Cora is thinking about coming down in Feb... maybe we can make it another summit! =[

Have a great weekend!

12:16 PM  
Blogger she said...

pug: oh i can give you a list on goth chick and buddy you will score...thing is when you wake up you might find yourself a little short on blood and then having to "feed" yourself for all eternity. grrrrerhahahaha

kate: grrrerhahahaha!!! i saw that 20/20 too and of course i came away with the OPPOSITE of where you arrived. isnt that great? first of all, in denmark the population was remarkably homogenous: all white and all lutheren (like 96.7 %) so its very easy to allocate tax monies they arent as balkanized as we are ...we made diversity and freedom king...therefore its messy.

as to singapore surely you jest. you better be happy or they will beat the crap out of you. grrrrrerhahahaha

its hilarious you brought 20/20 up i thought about you all through it. (i couldve missed the cork boat bit *yawn* but overall i enjoyed it.) i suppose i could find an island of bronze imperial dogs and find happiness. grrrrrrherhahahahaha

3:55 PM  
Blogger Kate said...

lol I went to sleep when the cork guy began... literally.

You are right about Denmark... but just because your closet is messy doesnt mean you shouldnt clean it and put your clothes away. I picked up on the lack of diversity thing too. I also would hate to have the government control things like social clubs! The other bit I wonder about is what they do with the rebels like you *wink! The nonconformists... I would like to have polled them.

As for Singapore, I have a friend who just moved from Singapore to Hungary... ya odd but she was in love... She has nothing but wonderful things to say about her country... My husband travels all over Asia and he will tell you that Singapore would be a great place to live... idk never been there myself... For now, at least, I will stick with the US and just travel the world. I need to find a job that will pay me to do so! lol

Have a good week babycakes!

4:39 AM  
Blogger Infinitesimal said...

Holy Mackarel


i think i may be "the girl across the street"

but.... i feel that the cat takes her chances and a necksnapping dog is one of those chances.

Sorry about those birds, i will cut away the cat's front nails.

1:12 AM  
Blogger Infinitesimal said...


this is in my top 5 all time great post list from you

1:14 AM  
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